Editing a document in our default document editor

How to edit files, accept tracked changes and publish documents

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Create smart, tracked changes from within the Plexus platform mid-approval. Plexus simplifies the contract editing process, allowing collaboration and enhancing visibility across negotiations in the platform. For a contract in an existing Approve and eSign workflow, we make editing a document easy.

There are two types of editors that you can use in Plexus: our default editor, and our Microsoft Word Online editor, available to customers with an existing Microsoft 365 Business Licence.

Editing a document in our default document editor

You can edit a document or contract from any stage in the Plexus workflow leading up to execution. Here's how:

Step 1. Open the document from your Document list.

Step 2. Click Edit document just above your document's preview.

Note: If your organisation has our Microsoft Word for Web integration enabled, the button will say Edit in Microsoft Word for Web.

Step 3. This will open our default editor in a new tab. You can use the online editor on the resulting screen to make your changes.

To use the online editor, simply start making changes to your document. Those changes will be automatically tracked.

Top tip! If your document is a PDF, you will not be able to edit your file. Convert your file to an editable file type (e.g. docx) out of the platform first to collaborate and make in-platform edits.

Tracking changes

Tracked changes (red-lining) is activated in the edit mode by default. This means that any change you make will be visible to others who also have access to the document. They can then access your file and accept your proposed changes.

If you wish to turn tracked changes off, you can control this on a per-document basis with the Track changes icon in the bottom toolbar of the editing screen.

Note! Any changes that you do make will constitute a new version, and even where your changes are not tracked, your colleagues, peers and counterparties will still be able to see the changes in our comparison mode.

Step 4. Tracked changes can be accepted one by one, or you can select the downwards facing arrow next to the accept button to accept multiple changes at once.

If you choose to do nothing, then Plexus will prompt either you, or the next person in the workflow to consolidate any outstanding changes as required.

Collaborating on your document

Multiple users can access a document at a time. If you are editing together, any edits will show in a different colour to your own.

Top tip! Plexus will show the number of users active in your document at any given time in the top right hand corner of your screen.

You can continue to track and accept changes as required.

Saving your changes

Step 5. Once you have finished editing, close the editing tab. From the document details page, you will be prompted to choose what happens next in your workflow. This may be a combination of:

  • Sending for review, often with your legal team

  • Restarting the entire approval stage

  • Continuing the workflow

You will also have the option to notify the key stakeholders on your document.

Note! Some documents using our custom automation apps will be automatically sent to your reviewers once you edit the file. If this is part of your workflow, it has been specifically requested by your reviewers and cannot be changed without approval from your legal team first.

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