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Getting started

Assistance with finding your feet in the platform

Managing documents

Search for your documents and manage their supporting files

Uploading, approving and signing documents

Get documents reviewed, approved and signed

Editing and negotiating documents

Master your version control, and collaborate with others on document negotiations

Signing documents as a counterparty

Digitally sign documents as an external party

Using the Marketing Suite

Submission advice for the Promotion Wizard and Advertising Wizard apps

Reporting, exporting and analytics

Extract information from Plexus with insights and exports

Configuring your settings

General settings and user management for client administrators

Contacting support

Touch base with our support team for assistance with Plexus

What's new on Plexus

Updates from the Plexus product and engineering teams


Suggestions for common errors and general troubleshooting advice

Rollout resources

Find all the resources you need to roll Plexus out to your team

How to Videos

In our commitment to making your experience with Plexus as seamless as possible, we've curated a collection of informative and user-friendly videos to guide you through the ins and outs of Plexus