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Product release notes describe the major features, improvements and fixes released for Plexus

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  • Preview internal documents
    Previously, internal documents needed to be downloaded out of Plexus if you wanted to view them. Internal-only documents are previewable in a handy pop-up!

  • Improvements to compare mode
    Internal users comparing documents now have a handy button to go back to the document!


  • Admins can now filter the user list for invited users

  • Resolved instances where counterparty emails were sent without the counterparty name

  • Matter management users who select the Other category for requesting legal support will be able to see relevant custom questions on their intake forms.

Release: 8 April 2024


  • Preview organisation unit
    In the top right corner of your screen, you'll now be able to view the organisation unit you're currently logged into.


  • Notifications sent to inactive users with upper case emails
    In a recent update, we resolved an issue where notifications were erroneously sent to inactive users. However, we identified another scenario affecting users with UPPER CASE emails that also needed attention.

Release: 3 April 2024


  • Users who upload documents via our bulk upload tool are able to bulk-edit the Owner field for those documents without encountering an error.

Release: 28 March 2024


  • Autosave comment drafts for Contracts
    Introduced auto-save for new and edited comments, and comment replies across the Contract Management module.


  • Removed some unexpected characters at the end of executed document files and their related email attachments

  • Files containing special characters will preview when viewed via our Microsoft Word for Web integration

Release: 27 March 2024


  • Performance improvement for default reviewers
    Improved loading times when viewing the default reviewer list.

Release: 25 March 2024


  • Improved visibility for Reset views
    Re-jigged the Document and Matter details menu options to better display the ability to Reset views.

  • Autosave comment drafts for Matters
    Introduced auto-save for comments, replies and draft advice edits across the Matter Management module.


  • Tweaked the permission requirements for bulk editing key facts.

  • Adjusted the placement of the chat button on the Counterparty portal, to ensure that users can Zoom in and out of the screen, as required.

  • Modified the Saved views functionality to ensure that views continued to be saved on Document lists with a large amount of documents.

Release: 15 March 2024


  • Opt-in to email marketing communications
    Users in onboarding will need to explicitly opt into receiving marketing communications from us.

  • Special characters in file names
    We've reinstated special characters in file names.

  • Bulk upload
    Minor design changes to our new bulk upload tool.

Release: 1 March 2024


  • Improved Counterparty portal
    Introducing an enhanced, user friendly portal experience for viewing, negotiating, approving and signing documents with counterparties.

  • Improved Bulk upload
    Introducing a simplified Bulk upload tool to help users quickly add documents in bulk to Plexus. See our help article here for more detail.


  • Resolved instances of filters behaving incorrectly on the User list

Release: 27 February 2024


  • Consistent editing of the owner field
    When you in-line edit the owner of the document, the owner will also update for sub-documents in the same signing pack to maintain visibility of files. This is regardless of an in-line edit, bulk edit or direct edit on the key facts.


  • Improved email handling for signing
    Removed Docusign errors when there are [space] characters before and after the name or email address.

Release: 22 February 2024


  • Key fact entries renamed for "Bulk upload"
    Files imported via our Bulk upload tool will now have the associated key fact "Generated by: Bulk upload"

Release: 20 February 2024


  • Auto-refresh the screen when saving bulk-edits
    Users don’t need to refresh their page to see their changes via bulk edit.

  • Consolidation of reassigning organisation units and document types
    The options to reassign organisation units and document types have been consolidated. Users will no longer see “Reassign Organisation unit/document type" as all changes can be done via bulk-edit.

  • American date format for Start and Expiry dates
    Start and expiry date will show in the American format (Feb 20, 2024) on the document details key facts

  • Improve Document list performance
    Improve Document list loading times for customers with a large number of documents

  • Clean up Dashboard Notifications Component performance
    Improvements to Dashboard Notifications loading times including the removal of redundant buttons on the page.

Release: 12 February 2024

Edit key facts for documents in bulk
Edit the key facts for multiple documents in a few quick clicks.


  • Improved versioning for counterparties
    From now on as a default, counterparties will only ever see the most recent Version of your document, without tracked changes. You’ll still be able to grant express permission for counterparties to view other Versions of the document, as needed.

  • Edit the owner of the document
    Contract Management users will be able to update the owner of a given document. This feature will be useful for users updating visibility for users from the Document list, for a single document or in bulk. This feature can be useful for employees off-boarding and changing teams.

Release: 1 February 2024


  • Instructions to open in a new tab
    Introduced a callout to educate users about how to open Documents and Matters in a new tab from their respective list views.

  • Edit the Executed date key fact
    Allow users to edit the key fact for Executed date from both the Document list and Document details pages, whenever a document has an Executed status.

  • Activity feed entries for custom question key facts
    Introduced Activity feed entries for custom question key facts, so that changes can be effectively audited.

  • Performance improvements
    Improvements to loading speeds on the Dashboard Notifications panel.


  • Close editing sessions for Microsoft Word
    Resolved instances of Microsoft Word for Web continuing to show that an editing session is in progress, after the editing session is complete.

Release: 15 January 2024


  • Single sign-on (SSO)
    For our admin and IT support users, this release features a refresh of our SSO configuration pages. SSO can now be enabled or diabled with the click of a button for all SSO frameworks that Plexus supports, and we have extended our expiry reminder notifications to Microsoft Entra ID SSO implementations.

  • Activity feed simplification

    The way that editing and uploading of documents is recorded in the activity feed has been simplified.

Release: 11 January 2024


  • New columns for Days in status on the Matters list
    Identify outliers in cycle time and discover how many days each matter spends in a given status. This change will apply to all new and existing matters!


  • Resolving tracked changes in Microsoft Word for Web
    Identified and resolved an intermittent issue where a user resolved tracked changes on a document, and Plexus failed to recognise the new version of the file.

Release: 15 December 2023

Streamline document workflow visibility in matters

Documents with workflows can now be linked to Matters created in Plexus.

  • Surface important documents easily
    Intuitive search functionality enables users to find and associate important documents with related matters.

  • Improve transparency into matters and their related workflows

    Linked documents brings a document’s workflow status to the forefront of the matter to improve visibility and eliminate double-handling.

  • Automatically link to created workflows
    When you create workflows from Matters, Plexus will automatically link to those documents, to eliminate double-handling.


  • Remember Document and Matters list views
    Plexus will now remember your last view on the Matters and Document lists, without needing to save first.


  • Changes to Docusign when updating envelope signer details

    Users will no longer encounter timeout errors when they delegate, add or delete a signer from a workflow that's already in the Sign stage.

Release: 8 December 2023


  • Restored access to custom application
    Fixed an issue where a customer had an error accessing their custom application.

Release: 5 December 2023


  • Restore user count
    A count of the user list was removed when we’d made improvements to loading on the Users page. We’ve now revived this feature based on feedback that the counter was useful for monitoring adoption. We’ve managed to bring it back in a way that doesn’t impact performance on this page, which was also fixed recently.

  • Remove voided state
    Resolved instances of documents being Voided from stages other than the signing stage

  • Reporting: Page responsiveness
    Improved page responsiveness on the Risk and suppliers report when filtering within organisations containing a large number of counterparties.

  • Reporting export: Remember filters
    Filters added to the Risk and Suppliers report are now reflected on the export.

  • Reporting filters: Support fields with commas
    Counterparties, document types and organisation units with commas can be applied as filters on the Risk and Suppliers report, without causing an error.

Release: 1 December 2023


  • Create non-AI document summaries
    Organisations without AI-features can write their own document summaries.

Release: 23 November 2023


  • Linked document search
    Resolved an instance of users unable to search for linked documents when the document’s name had been modified.

Release: 20 November 2023


  • Reporting: Filter improvements
    Introducing new filters for document reports for the

    • Usage report

    • Risk and Suppliers report

    • Performance report

  • Visual confirmation of signed document
    Previously, there was confusion after signing a document, as there’s a significant delay with the workflow timeline updating with this information. Signers will now receive visual confirmation that a document has been signed, before the workflow timeline updates.


  • Performance reports: Alignment of tile logic
    All Performance tiles for Average time to complete an action will align with the new format, which shows time in days, hours, minutes and seconds.

  • Counterparty portal: Upload document error
    Resolved an error when an external user uploads documents to the Counterparty portal.

Release: 9 November 2023


  • Usage report: Error
    Resolved instances where the Usage insights page would return an error when filtering results

  • Raise legal support requests for internal users only
    Introduced an internal user list on the key facts page for the field Raised on behalf of, so that business users cannot add external users to view their matter.

  • In-line editing: Experience for modals at the bottom of the list
    Fixed instances where in-line editing modals would jump around when editing an item at the bottom of the Matters or Document lists.

Release: 3 November 2023


  • Internationalization: New Zealand dates
    Fixed an instance where users in New Zealand would not see the right dates displayed in their activity feed entries when updating their document start and expiry dates.

  • Internationalization: US Date format
    Standardised the date format where a US-customer updates start and expiry dates for documents on the document list

  • In-line editing: Scrolling experience
    Improved the scrolling experience for the updated documents and matters pages with in-line editing

Release: 30 October 2023

  • New Performance reports
    Introducing new Performance reports that will help you to better monitor average time spent to progress documents through key stages of a Plexus workflow including:

    • Average time spent in each workflow stage

    • Average contract cycle time

    • Average contract cycle time (per month)

  • The Usage, Performance and Matters reports will benefit from a minor uplift

  • Select charts on the Usage and Matters reports have also benefitted from an uplift

Release: 25 October 2023


  • Skip AI-Generated Questions
    Users filling out the Request legal support form can submit their matters without answering AI-generated questions, if they wish.

Release: 24 October 2023

  • Status updates
    New-look status chips on the Matters list

  • Report update
    A new look-and-feel Risk and Suppliers report, and its related charts.

  • Report update
    A new tile for Average time to sign a contract


  • User list: Performance
    Under certain circumstances where organisations have a large number of users, there were instances where the user list would not load. We have improved loading and messaging for the User list to eliminate instances of this in the future.

  • Notifications: Inactive users
    Addressed a very specific instance of inactive Plexus users continuing to receive notifications for document expiries.

Release: 20 October 2023


  • In-line editing
    Quickly edit select key fact fields on the Document and Matters lists with in-line editing.

  • Display AI-generated questions and answers
    Answers to AI-generated questions were previously summarised in Plexus Draft advice. For transparency, answers to the AI-generated questions will now show in a table visible to all users under key-facts.

  • Reminder to update contract summaries
    A callout to remind users to update the AI-generated contract summaries, should the key details of a document substantially change. This messaging is initiated whenever a new version of a document is uploaded that does not include tracked changes.

  • Reports: Average time for legal review
    Lawyers can identify average time for legal review of documents, shown both as a new tile and chart on new Performance insights.

  • Reports: Risk and Suppliers value by Counterparty
    Updated the look and feel of the Risk and Suppliers chart, to show high value figures with appropriate separators ($1,000,000) and flipped the axis for consistency.

  • Reports: Tiles
    New look and feel for reporting tiles.

  • Key facts: Editing on the Document details page
    Updated the edit mode for key facts on the Document details page, so that the experience for editing facts is consistent with the edit mode for the Matters module.

Release: 12 October 2023


  • Title for Matters on the Intake form
    Business users can now name their matters when filling in the Request Legal Support intake form.

Release: 10 October 2023


  • Versions
    Fixed an instance where you couldn’t view previous major versions of a document once the document was executed

Release: 5 October 2023


  • Matters statuses for Waiting
    Plexus has introduced new statuses to illustrate time spent waiting for other stakeholders, now available for Matters and their reports.

  • Matters insights
    Introducing new Matters insights for managers and lawyers, which increase transparency around time to respond, average duration of matters and time spent waiting for other stakeholders.

    • Tile: Average time to respond: Average time between matter creation and its first change in status

    • Tile: Average duration of matters: Average time between matter creation and closure

    • Chart: Average duration of matters over time: Average time between matter creation and closure charted over a specified date range

*Matters reports are available to members of the Legal team for Matters.


  • Save document list settings
    Resolved an issue where under certain circumstances, a user could not Save changes to the Document list settings.

Release: 4 October 2023


  • AI: Performance
    More timely summarisation of various PDF files with Plexus AI

Release: 18 September 2023

Introducing linked documents
You can now link all related Plexus documents in the Contract Management module together as Supporting Materials. Linking these documents together ensures that every document in the contract lifecycle is connected, making related files easier to discover and providing richer context to current and future contract owners.


  • Document list status
    Plexus has introduced status chips on the Document List to better highlight the document’s workflow in a visual way

Release: 14 September 2023


  • Add documents
    We’ve introduced a new shortcut to Add documents from the Document list. This change is available for customers with any of our standard Approve and eSign or Store a Document apps.

  • AI-summaries included in emails
    When an AI-contract summary is available for a document, we will send a copy of it within the emails sent to Approvers and Signers when it is their turn to action the document.


  • Renaming documents
    When you update the Document title, we’ll ensure that the main document inherits the new name. This will include files uploaded as new versions.

  • Knowledge centre: Rich text editor
    Whilst we no longer officially support the Knowledge Centre, we’ve made a small change to ensure that users can continue editing in the rich text editor.

  • Document summaries: Styling changes
    Minor styling changes for document summaries

Release: 12 September 2023

Introducing AI Contract Summaries for Plexus

Plexus is excited to announce our first AI feature for our contract management solution.

When you create or upload a contract, our "AI Contract Summaries" will swiftly analyse and condense the critical terms into a concise summary. You can conveniently access this draft summary in the Key Facts tab and further customise it to align with your specific requirements.

Whilst this feature will be automatically available to customers with our AI Draft Advice feature, chat to your CSM to enable AI Contract Summaries for your business today!

Release: 8 September 2023


  • Removed references of Twitter from the Promotion Wizard app. All references to Twitter will now refer to the company's rebranded name X.

  • Updated Promotion Wizard offer terms and conditions to align with upcoming legislation changes.


  • Resolved an issue where, under certain circumstances, users could not jump back to previously completed steps of Promotion Wizard

  • Resolved an issue where, under certain circumstances, an executed document was not showing its signatures

  • Resolved an issue where, under certain circumstances, users could not view a PDF document on the Matter Details page

Release: 7 September 2023


  • We’ve introduced the ability to add mp4 and zip files under 100MB to specific custom apps and Advertising Wizard

Release: 6 September 2023


  • Only specific users with the permissions to Access account administration (and equivalent legacy settings) will be able to view the User list under the settings menu.


  • Fixed a spacing error when callouts were displayed on the Document details page

  • Rectified an instance where the Plexus Outlook Plug-in was not loading organisations

  • Resolved an issue where the ABN lookup was not displaying the dropdown list of company names

Release: 29 August 2023


Document and matter titles will no longer include special characters such as

[ = < > / & ! @ # $ % ^ * ( )

  • If you rename document title that does include these characters, we’ll give you a prompt to remove them upon saving.

  • When you export the document or matters lists from Plexus, the document/matter name will not include these special characters in the exported file

Release: 24 August 2023


  • We’ll notify administrators up to 2 months prior to their SAML SSO certificates expiring so that teams have adequate time to prepare.

Release: 23 August 2023


  • A new look-and-feel for additional key facts on the Document details page

  • The counterparty portal automatically refreshes when internal users update visibility of documents or upload new versions

  • The Microsoft Azure and ADFS single sign-on forms have been updated visually, with no changes to functionality


  • Fixed an instance where signing workflows were not progressing under certain circumstances

Release: 15 August 2023


  • Introducing a visual update to the different tabs on the Document Details page, including an updated table for displaying key facts

  • Self-manage your SAML single sign-on configurations in a newly designed form, with in-platform support for non-Microsoft single sign-on providers such as Okta and Google Suite. This update includes in-platform support for updating expired configurations and enabling/disabling SAML.

  • The Usage report now shows the Number of new document versions

Release: 9 August 2023


  • Improvements to a user’s experience when adding textbox placeholders to a document, to reduce changes of signers exceeding their allocated textbox characters.

Release: 7 August 2023


  • The Promotion Wizard form now supports legislative changes for online instant win promotions in New Zealand.

  • Promotion Wizard has a new section to include the email details for the Promoter. These will be included as a method of contact in the Terms and Conditions generated by Plexus.


  • We’ve reinstated the ability for Promotion Wizard users to delete their promotions from the Dashboard and Recent Promotions lists.

Release: 1 August 2023


  • Resolved a sporadic issue where users would see a banner to indicate that someone was editing a document when no editing session had taken place.

  • Removed an error that showed when you tried to delete an executed sub-document. Given that it is not possible to delete executed sub-documents, you will no longer see a Delete option for sub-documents in this state.

Release: 18 July 2023


  • We will show when a counterparty is editing a document or sub-document, by calling it out


  • When a document is Declined, the only workflow option will be to Send for review, regardless of workflow stage.

Release: 13 July 2023

Introducing Word Online for Plexus
Plexus is now compatible with your organisation’s Microsoft 365 subscription.

  • Utilise your organisation’s Microsoft 365 credentials within Plexus
    View and edit your documents with tech you already know and use everyday. Microsoft Word for Web is available to use with your contracts.

  • Boost collaboration on Plexus
    Keep your documents within one platform where everyone can work on the most up-to-date version of the document. Encourage better in-platform collaboration with a bigger editing page that more people will love using.

Email your Customer Success Manager so they can activate Microsoft Word for Web for your organisation.

For all organisations, including those without Word Online enabled for their organisation, we’ve expanded our document editing page to give you more room to edit documents.


  • When you Edit documents, files will open in a new tab with a full-screen, uninterrupted view of documents and their contents.

  • We’ve also updated the placement of your workflow buttons, to ensure all previous reviewers and approvers can be notified of the edits made.

  • We’ve tweaked the wording on the Invite a Teammate modal, to provide alternative steps for users trying to send documents to counterparties.

Release: 30 June 2023


  • Fixed a scenario where, under the circumstance where a user has Microsoft Word documents, then uploads a subsequent new version as a PDF, or vice-versa, a user is unable to download their document.

Release: 27 June 2023

Introducing Draft Advice Beta for all Matters customers

We are excited to announce Draft Advice AI BETA, Plexus' new AI-powered feature for matter management, designed to boost the productivity of your team. We have been trialling Draft Advice AI with selected customers to get feedback to help us rapidly improve the feature, and now we are excited to share this next stage BETA test with you.

  • Dramatically reduce the time it takes to respond to requests for legal support.

Let Plexus AI take the legal support request, ask the right questions for additional context, identify the legal issues and auto-populate a draft version of the advice for you to review, without having to lift a finger.

  • Effectively allocate your time
    Cancel lengthy meetings dedicated to collecting facts from the business, have Plexus AI identify the legal issues and relevant legislation, so you can get straight into reviewing a draft version of your advice.

  • Maintain control over legal advice to your business.

You will have complete control over the advice the business sees, with the ability to review and modify the content as needed. The business will only see advice Legal chooses to publish.

Draft advice is supported by AI-generated questions to help provide context to lawyers, and currently takes into account up to 1 document for the draft of the advice.

We hope that you enjoy using the new functionality and look forward to your feedback!

Release: 26 June 2023


  • Introduced new notifications to ensure that assigned legal reviewers are better kept in the loop with comments and comment replies made throughout a document’s workflow.


  • Resolved a scenario, where under certain circumstances, a user completing a bulk upload was unable to download the upload error spreadsheet.

Release: 15 June 2023


  • Further improvements to showing US date formats in additional places on the Document and Matters lists, including on exports and print-outs 🇺🇸

Release: 8 June 2023


  • We have broadened the areas where you may encounter Americanized date formats in the platform, if your organisation's Country is set to United States. You will now see these dates across:

    • Document alerts

    • Document Insights

    • Some custom apps

  • We also introduced popular countries to choose from on the Company structure page, including:

    • Australia

    • New Zealand

    • United States

    • United Kingdom

Release: 6 June 2023


  • Fixed an issue where the View all results button did not return any documents for searches intended to return a large number of results.

Release: 2 June 2023

Introducing local date formats for the US 🇺🇸

For American customers wanting more transparent date format options within Plexus, we’ll be introducing a localized date format specifically for the US region.

Starting from today, you will start to see updated date formats across the platform.

To show an American date format, ensure that the Country listed under your Company Structure is set to United States to see changes for

  • Dashboard notifications

  • Document compare menu

  • Document key facts created

  • Document key facts executed

  • Document version menu

  • Workflow timeline

We will continue to release additional dates over the coming days.

Release: 22 May 2023


  • Lawyers can now permanently delete unneeded matters from the platform

  • We’ve added to the list of default document types automatically generated with a new organisation in Plexus. Existing organisations will retain their current document types.


  • Ensuring that the option to Edit document is hidden in the Counterparty portal, when the document is a PDF.

  • Resolving cases of company logos occasionally failing to show in the menu bar.

  • When a counterparty successfully signs a document, ensuring that the images on that page display as intended.

Release: 15 May 2023


  • Resolved instances where any new documents created included a new Additional Key Fact field with a summarised copy of the document's facts.

Release: 12 May 2023

AI Generated Questions for Draft Advice - beta

Business users can get their sneak peak of AI from the intake form, with AI generated questions to improve context-gathering during intake.

We’ll now use the responses to your matter description and any best practice custom questions in the Request Legal Support intake form to create tailored, additional AI response questions.

For the legal team, this means more context, less follow up questions for the business and enhanced accuracy from our AI-generated draft response on the Matter details page.

Release: 10 May 2023


  • Improved platform performance where under certain circumstances, users trying to load documents on the Document list would see the message “No rows to display”

Release: 8 May 2023


  • We've updated the language when Draft advice for lawyers is loading for Matters.


  • We've updated the comparison tool dropdown for Manage, so that dates and times will better align with what's posted in the Activity feed.

Release: 3 May 2023


  • When configuring custom questions and delegation rules, your previous keystrokes will be removed once an option is selected from a list. This will mean that you don’t need to backspace if you want to type and search for something else.

Release: 26 April 2023


  • If a document is Voided and you need to Resend for signature, we’ve cleaned up the workflow for the signers who will need to sign again.

  • If your document has a large number of versions, we’ve introduced a scroll so that you can continue to browse through historical versions of work from the Compare button.

  • Users can now drag and drop files onto the modal when uploading new versions of files.

  • Cleared up a scenario, where if a user had specific permissions, they were unable to Approve a document where they’d recently resolved tracked changes.

Release: 24 April 2023


  • Improvements to the quality of the responses provided by our Draft Advice tool in Beta. This one's a game-changer.

Release: 21 April 2023


  • Introduced a trial set of guides for users on the Counterparty portal to help orientate external users with their tool for approving and signing documents.


  • Fixed an intermittent bug where if a Matter Management user selected our default Other category in the Request Legal Support app, they would be unable to submit their matter.

Release: 13 April 2023


  • Additional key fact on the document details page
    We've added Organisation unit as a key fact on the document details page.

  • Browser spell check for comments
    We've implemented a basic spell check for comments and alerts on the document and matter details pages, to help catch those pesky errors before you post.

  • Branding update 2.0
    In the past, we have referred to ourselves as Legal Gateway and Plexus Gateway. In this release, we have removed references of Gateway from our Matter Management and Shared document emails, so that we can refer to ourselves solely as Plexus. This change excludes hyperlinks which will remain the same for now.

  • Minor enhancements to visualising main and sub-documents
    After some feedback after our Release on April 3, we've improved on the views for visualising main and sub-documents.

  • Improvements to Disclaimers
    We've updated our Matter management disclaimers to be more transparent about the use of AI in our draft advice tool.


  • Improvements to custom questions when editing and deleting questions
    Fixed an intermittent issue for both documents and matters, where if you edited one custom document question then deleted another, the wrong question would be deleted. If you edited a custom matter question then deleted another, you would see a loading screen.

Release: 12 April 2023


  • Changes to buttons on the Approve and eSign Intake form
    We've given the buttons on the workflow step of the intake form a quick refresh! After feedback that users were accidentally creating parallel approval rounds, we've revised the look and feel to better distinguish between the two buttons on this page.

Release: 5 April 2023


  • Removing matters visibility for external users
    Entering an external email in the matters intake form resulted in that email receiving email updates around the progress of the matter. We have locked this field down to ensure that only internal users can be added to this field.

Release: 4 April 2023


  • Changes to profiles with single sign-on
    A fix for customers using single sign-on who would use the Edit profile page to change their name and email, only to find that the incorrect name would show on the Dashboard welcome message.

    With this change, we have cleared up the inconsistency and now require all updates to user names need to be done via the client’s IT Administrator, when that organisation uses single sign-on to sign in.

Release: 3 April 2023


  • Visualising main and sub-documents
    Introducing a new way to visualise your main and sub-documents in the document list, with two new columns for:

    • Main document - to show a hyperlink to the main document, if the document in the list is a sub-document

    • Attachment type - to show whether a document is a main/sub-document.

      Use grouped folders and filters to make the most out of these two new columns!

  • Increased length of Request legal support form
    Feedback from lawyers suggested that a pain-point was that business users weren't leaving enough of a detailed description when logging their matters. By increasing the height of the Description field, we hope to see an increase in the length of the response provided in these requests!


  • If you progressed through Step 1 of the Approve and eSign intake form too quickly, you could generate a document with an incorrect status. We've introduced a new loading icon that forces you to wait before progressing to ensure that this doesn't happen ✔️

Release: 31 March 2023


  • Branding update
    In the past, we have referred to ourselves as Legal Gateway and Plexus Gateway. In this release, we have removed most references of Gateway, so that we can refer to ourselves solely as Plexus. This change excludes hyperlinks which will remain the same for now.


  • Saved views
    Saved views which included a pinned, filtered or searched column would revert to the default view each time a user logged into the platform. We’ve since cleared this up!

Release: 30 March 2023


  • Delegation rules
    Improved on a scenario where, for certain accounts, delegation rules would show in the wrong order when dragged and dropped.

Release: 28 March 2023


  • Delegation rules
    Fixed a scenario where under certain scenarios, users in delegation rules were being marked as inactive when their accounts were active.

Release: 24 March 2023


  • Continue with draft message
    Eliminated a scenario where, under certain circumstances, the Store a Document app would ask you to Continue with draft? even when no draft information was visible on the form.

Release: 20 March 2023

Creating the future of the law with AI Draft Advice for Matters - BETA

We're thrilled to announce a Beta release of our draft advice feature, which takes information gathered from the Request Legal Support intake form, to provide draft, personalised advice for lawyers to use as a starting point for advising on matters.

To get access to this Beta feature please, contact Plexus support at [email protected].

Release: 9 March 2023


  • A performance improvement to ensure that documents without a review stage load faster when entering the workflow at Approve or Sign, whilst ensuring that the appropriate people are emailed.

Release: 9 March 2023


  • Fixed an instance where a specific client's delegation rule was not initiating when expected.

Release: 8 March 2023


  • When users are added to the Approve and Sign stages of a delegation rule, they will be added to the workflow in the order specified in the delegation rule, instead of listing in alphabetical order.

  • Fixed a bug with a custom application setting to ensure that documents without a review stage automatically start in their workflow at Approve or Sign, as required.

  • Fixed a bug with a custom application setting to ensure that documents without a review stage can manually start in their workflow at Approve or Sign, as required.

Release: 7 March 2023

Introducing more flexibility for your delegation rule conditions

Clients after more control over their delegation rule conditions can now use a combination of And/or logic to meet their delegation of authority requirements. Previously, clients without a custom solution were limited to either And or Or conditions to replicate their delegation of authority. Our condition groups now allow for combinations of both.


  • Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances, when a user Approves a document, an unexpected Activity feed message saying “Approved” would show in the workflow.

Release: 6 March 2023


  • Fixed a bug where documents with assigned reviewers were being sent to the Default reviewers instead. We have made a tweak to ensure that the correct reviewers can Mark in review.

  • Reviewers weren’t receiving an option to Add a comment when Approving a document without tracked changes. However, the system was auto-commenting an Approve message in the Activity feed on the user’s behalf. We've reinstated this comment box so that reviewers can continue to leave their own comments as required.

  • Fixed an issue where resolving tracked changes was not creating a major version of the document.

Release 2.175 - 2 March 2023

Introducing a more flexible workflow to support your document negotiations

We’ve enhanced how you collaborate and negotiate on documents, providing more control, compliance, and auditability of documents with tracked changes.

We’ve listened to your feedback to provide a more flexible workflow that supports document negotiation while providing a clear audit trail for added compliance.

You can now:

  • Send redlined documents through your document workflow

    Streamline document negotiations by progressing all comments, redlines, and tracked changes through your defined approval workflows

  • Choose where your documents will go next

    Intuitive prompting gives users more control over where a redlined document is headed next


  • Under certain circumstances, the Signature locations previewer would show intermittent flashing on the scrollbar.

Release 2.174 - 7 February 2023

This release focused on the resolution of a few minor bugs.


  • Default reviewers were receiving notifications even when specific reviewers had been specified via a delegation rule.

  • Fixed an issue where delegation rule settings were incorrectly stating that a user listed in the delegation rule was made inactive.

  • The Plexus logo was showing a placeholder on the document editor, so we updated the logo with a new one.

  • Resolved a bug showing incorrect users under the New user sign up notifications field under Settings.

Release 2.173 - 18 January 2023

Happy New Year from the team at Plexus 🎉

Wishing you a productive and successful year in 2023. For this release, we have a few minor changes to bring us into the New Year:


  • Standardising references to 'Organisation unit' across the platform

  • New organisations will refer to a 'Basic' instead of a 'User' role in their organisations


  • Fixed an issue where changes to add and remove single sign-on administrators would not save

  • Fixed an issue where duplicate and disabled users were showing under specific circumstances in delegation rules

  • Rectified a timezone issue where supporting material and activity feed entries were not showing the same times

  • Reinstated a missing Delete user button for editing workflows

  • Removed an additional Delete button on the Brand page

  • Reinstated a missing Date option for editing alerts in the advanced editor when dates are selected Before or After a specific date

  • Fixed an issue where a user would create a matter then receive an error message, despite the matter being present in the Matters list (2.173.1)

Release 2.172 - 20 December 2022

Introducing the New Store a Document app!

We’ve made some improvements to the way you upload your documents for storage! Now you can:

  • Upload files up to 100MB
    Files uploaded for storage in Store a Document can be up to 100MB in size!

  • Save a draft
    Autosave means you can return to complete your document brief, without having to start over

  • Upload internal documents
    Specifying internal documents in the intake form means reduced admin work to add internal documents later on.

This update also includes improvements to the language on the intake form and a more intuitive alerts section.


  • We’ve tweaked the spacing for App tiles on the Dashboard so that the layout dynamically fits to the page, regardless of your screen size! We’ve also introduced a new loading state to improve your experience whilst your Dashboard is loading.

  • You can now upload executed documents up to 100MB in size. Please note that if the file is over 20MB, then it will not be included as an attachment in executed document email notifications.

  • An improved experience for uploading supporting material to a matter, and creating a workflow from multiple supporting documents attached to a matter.

  • Improved context and instructions for IT administrators configuring single sign-on for Plexus, alongside a minor visual uplift designed to delight.

  • Updates to the tooltip text on the Share button for a sub-document.

  • Standardised the text for updates to main documents on the Activity feed

  • Improvements to viewing the matter categories settings on smaller screens and mobile

Release 2.171 - 13 December 2022

Introducing personalised messaging for document workflows

Contextualise and personalise your requests for review, approve and sign when uploading to Plexus with new personalised messaging for document workflows.

This new feature will help to:

  • Speed up your document’s workflow

  • Personalise the review, approval and signature process

  • Reduce double handling and need to follow up after you send a document for review, approval or signature


  • Enhanced context for users uploading an executed document, so that it’s clear that uploading an executed document will complete the workflow.

  • Improved wording for a user trying to access a document that's been deleted, or where access has been revoked

  • Key actions on the company structure page will be illustrated with updated messaging too!

  • Users with outdated browsers were receiving a pop-up at the top of Plexus Gateway prompting them to update their browsers. The message has been removed to reduce confusion.

  • We've officially sunsetted the legacy workflow timeline view! If you were actively using this view, you will no longer see the toggle to Turn new look off. If you were an active user of this view, you would have been emailed with the repercussions of this change.

Bug fixes

  • When admins were deleting organisation units from the settings page, users in those units were being disabled, even if they had access to other units. We’ve now introduced updated text that prompts an admin to reassign those users to a new unit where this is the case.

Release 2.170 - 7 December 2022

Plexus now supports the Docusign 21 CFR Part 11 module for digital signing compliance in heavily regulated industries

We now support Docusign’s Part 11 module for clients wishing to create signature workflows whilst complying with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory obligations.

As part of this change, clients can use their own Docusign accounts within a Plexus organisation. Part 11-enabled Docusign accounts will use a modified document workflow designed to help organisations comply with their Part 11 regulatory obligations when obtaining digital signatures.

Other improvements

  • When logging into the platform, we have spruced up the wording on the dropdown list to provide further context

  • When filling in the intake form, we've updated the wording to Start a new submission to align with how users refer to this step

  • Language changes on the document activity feed, edit document button, document supporting materials and automation templates settings page to help provide better context where you need it most

  • Better visual cues confirming saved changes on the Company Structure page

  • Improvements to instructions on the brand settings page to streamline self-managed branding configuration

  • There were inconsistencies between the use of language around add and create which can cause confusion with the user flow. With the latest set of changes:

    • When you are creating something new, any buttons refer to Create

    • When you are adding to an existing list of related items, any buttons will refer to Add.

      This has resulted in changes to various buttons in the following areas:

      • Alerts tab

      • Sharing modal

      • Document types

      • Roles

      • Company structure

      • Matter categories

      • Custom questions for documents

      • Custom questions for matters

      • Delegation rules

      • User page

      • Edit workflow modal

      • Intake form - alerts

        You can ask your CSM for a full list of changes to date with language improvements, should you need to update your documentation.

  • Updates to the Promotion Wizard Promotional Risk page content

  • Updated icons for users listed on the Matter Categories page

Release 2.169 - 11 November 2022


  • Those with administration permissions can now view and update the default unit in the Plexus company structure.

Language improvements

  • We've improved the wording around deleting a sub-document in the platform, so to highlight any implications on the main document workflow.

  • We've made changes to the wording and ordering of the settings menu

  • Improved guidance text when updating administrators for new user notifications

  • Improved tooltips for the View all document types button to reduce confusion when updating document permissions for roles

  • Further minor enhancements to language including:

    • Updated dashboard greeting

    • Contract management key facts

Release 2.168 - 2 November 2022

Updates to Promotion Wizard

In Release 2.168, we've released enhancements to Promotion Wizard including updates to:

  • Permit requirements to better align with changes to legislative requirements for limited offers in South Australia.

  • Permit requirements to better align with changes to legislative requirements in New South Wales.

  • Messaging around notifying winners so instructions are clear and consistent.

  • The quick cost and estimate tool to better align with changes to legislative requirements for any promotions with a mail entry requirement in the Australian Capital Territory.


  • Documents: Language updates to the edit workflow modal, document list and dashboard greeting.

  • Matters: Copy and paste text into the activity feed
    Previously, you could only copy and paste text into the Matter Management Activity feed using keyboard shortcuts. Now users can copy and paste comments into the Matter Management Activity feed using their mouse when they are not familiar with the related keyboard shortcuts.

  • Matters: Sort supporting material by date
    Previously, we did not have an obvious sorting order for documents loaded to a matter. Sorting supporting material by date allows users to better search for and locate their supporting material within matters.

  • Admins: Sort parent organisations in alphabetical order
    Previously, we did not have an obvious sorting order for assigning parent organisations to a new unit in the company structure. Showing the parent organisation dropdown in alphabetical order allows users to better search for and locate a parent unit when creating a new organisational unit.

  • Admins: Better visibility of the tooltip messaging for administrators looking to update document permissions for roles
    You can now hover over both the document type permission and checkbox to view more information when updating roles.

Release 2.167 - 25 October 2022

Improvements to your contract intake process

We’ve made some improvements to the way you upload your contracts for approval and signature. You can now:

  • Speed up workflows by assigning multiple users in rounds at intake
    Customise your review and sign rounds at intake to include all relevant users from the get-go. You’ll be able to notify all users who need to take action at once, leading to shorter cycle times and speedier execution.

  • Pick back up where you left off
    Autosave means you can return to complete your contract brief, without having to start over.

  • Upload internal documents from the get-go
    We've added an internal document attachment type to the intake form so that you don't need to wait to upload your internal-only files.

As a bonus…

We’re also refreshing the look of your intake form to make your contract briefing process cleaner. These improvements are thanks to the great feedback from our users.

Release 2.166 - 20 October 2022


  • Documents: When you delete a document or sub-document, you'll now see updated messaging to confirm.

  • Admins: We've tweaked the language around the Company structure.


  • Documents: When downloading executed documents we have refined you will now only be given download options relevant to your document.

  • Documents: We've decluttered the editing experience to bring more of the document onto your screen.

  • Admins: Inactive users are no longer clickable within the user list.

Release 2.165 - 13 October 2022


  • The Review stage of the workflow has evolved over time and is now used by a range of stakeholders. Therefore, we've removed reference to Legal review to align with this change in usage via the activity feed.

  • We've tweaked the language around activity feed entries for approved documents.

  • We'll now hide instances of the Upload button where the button is no longer relevant, usually in an Executed or Complete document status.

  • When you add a description to a role, you'll be able to view that description by hovering over its name in the Roles list.


  • Previously, you were unable to upload a new version or executed agreement if your file name included an "&" symbol. We've now cleared that limitation so that you can upload files regardless!

  • There may be instances where you'd like to hide a role so that it's not configurable on Plexus. There were instances where these hidden roles were still showing on the Users list, and we've ensured that they're no longer showing there!

  • When you upload a supporting document to a matter, we'll create an entry on the activity feed. If you then delete then delete that supporting document, we'll now show you a more user-friendly toast message instead of a blank page if you click that link from the Activity feed.

Release 2.164 - 4 October 2022

Streamlining how you view and upload supporting materials

It is now quicker and easier to work with Supporting Material in Plexus.

We’ve tidied up our Document Details page to streamline how you upload new versions to your document, your sub-documents and internal supporting documents.

From the Upload button:

  • Amendment has been updated to new version

  • Executed agreements has been updated to executed documents

The Supporting materials section is now your sole area dedicated to uploading your:

  • Sub-documents

  • Internal documents, formerly known as attachments

  • Linked documents

You’ll also have more visibility on these documents, with new coloured tags to highlight where documents are in the workflow, if relevant.


  • We've renamed the Tasks report to Matters insights to align with the recent language changes we'd made to matters.

  • We've tidied up some of the language around the Matters list settings table, as part of our wider language simplification project.

  • We’ve updated the help text on the Matter categories page to realign with the latest set of changes.

  • We've added a new activity feed entry when you upload a sub-document.


  • When leaving comments on a matter, if you clicked (Shift+Enter), you'd see a <br> tag in the comments. We've removed that unsightly break tag to ensure that any new comments will be formatted appropriately.

  • When you delete supporting material from a matter, there were instances where files with multiple versions would no longer reference the file name in the modal.

  • Under certain circumstances, where a workflow is seen by all recipients in Docusign and the signing workflow is then restarted, when some users viewed the document again, they weren't able to sign the document.

  • Under some circumstances, a user with access to multiple organisations couldn't log back into Plexus after they'd logged out of Promotion Wizard.

Release 2.163 - 28 September 2022

We're renaming tasks to matters

Over the years, we’ve had inconsistent references to tasks, matters and legal task management (LTM) scattered throughout the platform.

Now as part of a wider language simplification project, we’re renaming Tasks to Matters to give you clarity and consistency, whilst aligning with the language that lawyers commonly use.

Organisation units and roles

You asked, we listened! Administrators wanted an easier way to visualise and export their user organisation unit and role details, so we've added two new columns to the User list so that you can access this information with ease.


  • Updated Plexus contact details for Promotion Wizard clients

  • Allowing users to upload .msg files to their Matters as Supporting Material


  • Fixed an error page appearing under certain circumstances when users Managed views in the Documents and Matters list

  • Under certain circumstances, deleting the last approver from a workflow was preventing a document from progressing to the signature stage. We've made a quick fix so that the workflow will continue to progress.

Release 2.162 - 13 September 2022

Custom questions for matters

We heard that legal teams wanted more flexibility and control over the details collected for new matters. So we’ve created custom intake questions for legal matters. Now legal teams can reach resolutions faster by capturing the right information upfront.

Custom questions can be created for specific matter categories, ensuring that the right questions are automatically asked.

What's changing?


  • A few of our users were uploading legacy .doc files into the platform, and this resulted in a less-than-perfect experience when they were negotiating those files in-platform, so we've created a message that will prompt you to convert these files into .docx files upon upload instead.

  • We've renamed the Approve, Sign & Store Settings tab so that it's clear that you can manage Custom questions & delegation rules from here.

  • Users can now drag and drop .msg files into their document supporting materials

Release 2.161 - 29 August 2022

This release includes minor performance enhancements across some of our newer features.

  • Improved mobile responsiveness for the new Matter Management details page

  • A speedier experience for administrators who need to edit role descriptions

Promotion Wizard

  • Promotion Wizard UK submitters can now continue with their submission even if their promotion is open to Northern Ireland residents.

  • Promotion Wizard UK submitters can now require residents of Northern Ireland to make a purchase or spend a minimum amount to enter a trade promotion (without having to provide a ‘free entry’ avenue).


  • When a user edited the signature placeholder in the Approve stage, this would previously update the Review stage status to Not required. We've made a tweak to ensure that your workflow timeline maintains the previous Review stage status for your document.

We're also continuing to build some great new features in the background!

Release 2.160 - 17 August 2022

Advanced comments and legal advice on the new-look Activity Feed

We’ve made some updates to commenting on matters via the Activity Feed. You can now format using bold, italic, indent, links, or bullet point text whenever you comment on a matter without needing to revert back to ALL CAPS or exclamation marks!!!

Task details UI refresh

We've also made some minor usability updates to your Matter Management experience that help you understand the facts sooner to make better decisions.


  • Fixed a bug where custom field hint text was not showing on the intake form

  • Ensured that error messages display on the Share modal, where at least one recipient needs to be added to the modal ahead of saving.

  • If you edit a custom question but don't make any changes, we've made a minor change so that the Save button remains disabled until a change is made

  • Allow for documents with extremely large number of pages to be displayed on signature tag preview screen

Release - 8 August 2022

NEW! Create custom questions for documents in an updated modal

Create and edit your custom questions in a new-look modal. The modal supports optional hint text to be displayed underneath your custom questions, and gives greater visibility over the apps and document types where your custom question will show.

Release 2.159 - 26 July 2022

Update your users’ role permissions any time

Admins now have greater control over user role permissions ensuring teams can view and collaborate on the right documents while maintaining confidentiality.

This means admins can now:

  • Respond to changes in access requirements

  • Secure access to documents, features and apps

  • Manage changes to document types


  • Fixed a bug where the timestamp on the Review phase was incorrect where an item was sent back to the review stage.

Release 2.158 - 15 July 2022

Signature location performance improvements

Performance improvements for signature locations within large documents, and documents with images

Updated counter party portal success page

After a counter party approves, signs or declines to sign a document, they’re taken to an updated page, where they can opt to watch a demo.

Improvements to the Intake Form

  • Improvements to how the Next button shows in the Approve and eSign intake form when there are errors to be rectified. We'll allow you to click the button, but we'll anchor to any errors on the page that need to be rectified first!

  • Where an answer to a number custom field is 0, we no longer show an error underneath the field and will allow you to proceed nonetheless.

  • When you forget to select an option in the Signature locations step of the intake form, we'll display an updated error message.


  • Fixed a bug where signatures were not showing on executed documents that had their workflows paused previously.

Release 2.157 - 4 and 5 July 2022

Display the due time on a task’s due date

Request Legal Support users will see a handy update to the due date button, which now includes the due time. If viewed in another timezone, we’ll display that user’s local timezone.

NEW! Updates to Promotion Wizard for SA

Changes to Promotion Wizard to reflect changes in South Australian legislation for any newly created promotions including:

  • Removed question, tooltip and email notification references to South Australian Approval Number

  • Pre-populated fields and added validations so that if a competition is open to South Australian residents, they cannot take more than 7 days to contact the winner, in-line with updates to the previous legislation.

  • Updated guidance text to reflect that the claim-by and redraw dates for South Australian promotions now fall on the business-day after the minimum two months from the original draw date.

NEW! Minor changes to the Approve and eSign intake form wording

  • If anyone else requires a copy of the signed document, you can now select your users from a dropdown list!

  • Minor changes to the button wording on the signature locations intake form step

NEW! Performance improvements on the Document details page

The Document details page has just gotten speedier 🔥. We’ve made some performance enhancements to ensure that the document details page will update in less than 3 seconds for:

  • Document creation through any app

  • Updates to the activity log

  • Comments and comment replies

  • Deleting supporting material

  • The Version dropdown button

  • Document edits in the Document previewer

  • Updates to the Document facts tab

  • Updates to signature locations

  • Newly uploaded amendments and executed agreements

  • Alerts

NEW! Default Owner role updated to Reviewer

We noticed that teams were sometimes puzzled by references to the owner role, and the document owner. As a result, for any new accounts created moving forward, we've renamed the owner role to Reviewer to minimise confusion.

Let the support team know if you're an admin who would also like this change reflected on your existing account.


  • Fixed a bug where counterparties could still access and edit documents after they’d signed them. This was causing problems in the document workflow. Now we’ll only ever redirect users to the /signing-complete/ page where counterparties can celebrate with some confetti and sign up to a free trial 🎉.

Release 2.156 - 16 June 2022

Updated UI for Supporting Materials

We’ve modernised the drag-and-drop section for Supporting Materials for tasks, documents and the bulk upload screen.


  • Where users created a new Matter in the platform using our Matter Management Outlook plug-in, the due date was displayed the time with a Melbourne timezone. We’ve now updated the plug-in so that the due date occurs at the end of your day, as determined by your computer’s settings.

  • When a user is unassigned from a Matter management task, update the Task List to ensure that the Assigned To column reflects the change.

  • Small UX improvements to the document details screen where deleting sub-documents and attachments, progressing documents through their workflows, or when adding comments and replies to the activity feed.

Release 2.155 - 7 June 2022

Define your reviewers, approvers and signers from a limited list of users

We’ve made it easier for your users to assign the correct reviewers, approvers and signers to their documents.

With the new changes, you can define a specific and limited list of reviewers, approvers or signers for users to select from when they define their document workflows.

Operate with greater confidence that every contract is being sent to the right stakeholders to action and empower users to execute faster.

To define sets of reviewers, approvers and signers head to your Approve, Sign and Store administration settings.


  • Where users created a new Matter in the platform using our Matter Management Outlook plug-in, the due date was previously elapsing at the start of the day. We’ve now updated the plug-in so that the due date elapses at the end of a given day.

Release 2.154 - 27 May 2022

Release 2.154 was an internal only release, where changes were made to our non-client facing environments for an upcoming feature release. The changes are not visible to users and there will be no client impact.

Release 2.153 - 19 May 2022

Clarity on email notifications sent from Plexus

Various emails from Plexus were previously sent from a No-Reply sender. We’ve now updated the sender so that these emails will now reference either the document author or Plexus Gateway for added clarity.


  • Fixed an issue where users without a role attached to their account couldn’t have a role re-added by an admin. This caused problems when admins accidentally deleted all roles from a user’s account.

  • Address a DocuSign error shown under certain circumstances on the workflow timeline when documents are voided

  • Organisations with many users couldn’t select a Notification Administrator from the dropdown. We’ve now increased the number of users that can show in this dropdown list.

  • Located and retrieved a missing Document Edit button, which was hidden from users under certain circumstances

  • Saved views with re-ordered columns weren’t initiating under certain circumstances, so we made a fix to ensure that saved views will load when clicked.

Release 2.152 - 21 April 2022

Onboarding walkthroughs for new users

New users who are logging in to Plexus Gateway for the first time will now see 2 tailored walkthroughs that will help them learn about Gateway. These short walkthroughs are intended to help the user understand how to use Gateway to their benefit.

Performance improvements to the Workflow Timeline

We have made some performance improvements so that the information displayed in the Workflow Timeline loads quicker for users.


  • An issue where random characters were being appended to the file names of documents executed via Docusign.

  • A minor UI issue where the Document list column menu would not automatically close when you clicked away from it. This has been updated for consistency with other menu buttons in the Document list.

  • An uncommon issue that was displaying an error when a user tried to sign a document that had just been edited and published.

Release 2.150.1 - 20 April 2022

A better user experience when submitting a document via some apps

When using Approve and eSign, or an App Builder app, users will experience more informative loading messages so that they are clear on the status of their upload. These messages will provide clearer direction around what to do if there are any issues with the submission.

Users will also be taken directly to the document page once the document is successfully created. Previously the user would be redirected to the Document list.

Release 2.150 - 14 April 2022


  • A minor UI issue where multiple scroll bars were appearing in the Approve and eSign signature locations viewer.


  • Functionality related to the upcoming Role management feature

  • PLG trial document names were updated

Release 2.149 - 7 April 2022


We have made a number of performance improvements to the experience of using an app to generate a new contract. This will generate the contract in Plexus Gateway quicker.

We have also improved the performance of the Signature Locations feature to better handle large documents with hundreds of pages in them.


  • Fixed an error where the help article in Approve, Sign and Store Settings was not loading correctly.

  • Amended an issue where bulk import failed to create expiry notifications

  • Users who uploaded a document with tracked changes through Approve and eSign were finding that their documents could not be progressed through a workflow. The appropriate buttons now appear on the timeline so that the document can be progressed to execution.

Release 2.148 - 4 April 2022

Changing a document type

Plexus Gateway now supports the ability to bulk re-assign document types from the document list. Individual documents can also have their type changed from the key facts section. This will ensure that users can more easily update a document’s important information when mistakes are made or internal processes change.


  • We have resolved an issue where the first signer was not receiving an email notification when they were also the last approver for the document.

  • There was an issue where Matter Management sub categories could not be re-ordered. Admins can now re-order their categories again to update the appears in the RLS dropdown list.

  • We have updated the wording for activity log statements for deleting and restoring documents as it was duplicating the user’s name.

  • There was an issue with the “last modified at” column was not updating correctly. It now updates when a document title or additional metadata is edited, but not when a document is viewed.

Release 2.147 - 23 March 2022

Performance improvements for document updates

Released some performance improvements so that users have a faster experience when uploading documents and updating the document workflow

Deleting sub-documents

Users can now delete sub-documents at any point of the document’s lifecycle until completion. This functionality was previously not possible. This ensures that the documents sent out for approval and signing are always relevant to the master contract.


  • Sub documents were not populated correctly for the “Currently with” column. The data in this column will now mirror the workflow data for the master contract.

Release 2.146 - 11 March 2022


  • In some rare cases, clients experienced loading issues when trying to load the Usage insights page.

  • Minor UI issue where an unnecessary horizontal slider was appearing at the bottom of the screen.

  • Some documents were missing signature locations when there were at least 3-4 subdocuments attached in the signing pack. Signature locations now appear correctly against all pages.

Release 2.145 - 22 February 2022

More intuitive error messaging when using Bulk Import

We have added hints to the error message that appears when a user makes a typo while entering a document type name into the Bulk Import spreadsheet. This will suggest correct document type names the user can try, making it easier to amend any errors and proceed with their upload.

Remember the user’s navigation preference

Plexus Gateway will now remember if a user has left their navigation expanded or collapsed. This customisation will prevent the user from clicking to change their navigation settings and make the menu easier to use.

Remove the duplicate decline email notification for sub-documents

A user who was the author or owner of a document was receiving multiple email notifications when a document had been declined during the approval round. This was due to the fact that a decline email notification was being sent out for each sub-document in addition to the main contract. There are no longer any instances in Plexus Gateway where a sub-document notification is sent out for any workflow status updates.

Access denied error when switching between master and sub-documents

Previously the system was generating an error if a user’s internet connection was taking longer than 60 seconds to open a document. We have implemented some changes to mitigate this from happening in the future. This will ensure that users working from home who may have internet issues are still able to use Plexus Gateway effectively.

Fix: Error message incorrectly displayed after changing Matter Management categories

We have fixed an error message that was incorrectly appearing when an admin edited the Matter Management categories via the Account Settings page. This would save the changes made by the user, but display an error message. Admins should now see a success message appear instead, removing the confusion around their Matter Management settings.

Fix: Deleted users receiving notifications

We have resolved an issue where users who had been deleted in the system were still receiving Matter Management notifications. Users who are no longer active in the system will no longer receive email notifications.

Fix: Matter Management settings saved instead of discarded

We have resolved an issue where an administrator who edited and then discarded changes in their Matter Management settings would still have the changes saved. This resulted in duplicate effort to manually revert their changes.

Fix: Previous signatures were not being removed after a workflow is restarted

We have resolved an issue where any previous signatures that were obtained via DocuSign were not being cleared when the workflow was restarted. This resulted in duplicating signatures when the document was re-sent for signature.

Fix: Duplicate email notifications for some comments

Users who were both the author and owner of a document were receiving duplicate notifications on comments. This has been streamlined to only one notification, to reduce the amount of emails being received by the user.

Fix: Uploading a document in the Review stage incorrectly marked the document in review

We have resolved an issue where any user who uploaded an amendment to a document while it was in the status “Needs legal review” would mark the document in review. This would not give the user to accept document review, however the information displayed in the timeline was incorrect. Uploading an amendment in the Review phase will now display the correct context in the timeline and workflow modal.

Fix: Icon naming for accessibility

We have improved the labeling that appears on some of our buttons to align with accessibility standards. This ensures that users with any visual impairments or accessibility requirements are able to use Plexus Gateway.

Fix: UI issues when the navigation is expanded

We have resolved an uncommon issue where the navigation was overlaying on top of the page when a user reduced their browser window size below a certain threshold (768px).

Release 2.144 - 4 February 2022

New navigation and dashboard

We have uplifted the dashboard and navigation to make it easier for users to navigate through Plexus Gateway. By implementing UX best practices, the new navigation will allow users to focus their attention on the main task on their screen. New filtering options on the dashboard also make it easier to get contracts executed, by sorting document notifications by key tasks such as reviewing, approving and signing documents.

Tooltips for the workflow and save options after editing a document

Users will now see tooltips when using the Close, Close and Notify, Publish and Send for Review buttons. These tooltips will help distinguish the buttons and allow users to action the document with confidence for more effective collaboration and quicker execution. Upon clicking a button, the user will also see a confirmation toast appear that will give them more direction around what to do next.

Publish a document from the timeline

For relevant apps, when there are draft changes to a document, users will be able to publish the document from the timeline. Previously the user had to first edit the document and then publish. This change reduces the time taken to restart a document’s workflow and reduces the risk of documents being sent for review when not required.

Release 2.143 - 19 January 2022

Upload amendments without accepting tracked changes

We have made a change so that users can upload an amendment on a document without first needing to accept all tracked changes. Legal teams are now also able to upload an amendment on a draft document in the Review phase of the workflow without first needing to accept review. These changes provide users with a much more intuitive experience as they collaborate on documents.

Fix: Issues with restarting a document workflow after editing approvers

We have resolved an issue where users would experience an error when attempting to restart a workflow after removing all approvers from the document.

In another case the user added approvers to a canceled workflow and restarted it. The workflow previously would restart in the signing stage instead of approval.

Both these scenarios have been resolved so that a user is able to successfully restart a workflow from the correct stage.

Fix: Workflow timeline showing incorrect information in the Review stage

We have resolved an uncommon issue where the incorrect name was displayed as having accepted review for a document. The text in the Workflow modal was also incorrectly saying the document was still waiting to be marked in review.

Both the Workflow Timeline and modal are now displaying accurate details about the Review workflow stage.

Fix: Oops error upon quickly clicking the “Upload” button

We have resolved a minor issue where users would receive an error when they clicked the upload button as soon as their document page was loaded. Users can now upload a document as soon as the page loads without issue.

Fix: Accessibility issue on accept invite page

We have resolved an accessibility issue on the accept account invitation page for new users. This issue was not allowing a new user to use their keyboard to tab to accept terms and conditions. This was preventing users with accessibility needs from signing up.

Fix: Dropdown button edges not clickable

We have resolved a minor issue where dropdown buttons from the document details page were not clickable. Users now have more screen real estate so that selecting a button is easier.

Release 2.142 - 23 December 2021

Improved dashboard notifications performance

We have released a number of performance improvements to ensure that dashboard notifications load in a more timely manner for users. This will make it easier for users to use their dashboard notifications as a to-do list of all their actionable documents on Plexus Gateway.

Increase the character limit for the email subject for document alerts.

The character limit for document alerts has been increased from 100 characters to 512. The document title limit in Approve and eSign has also been increased from 73 characters to 275. These changes will allow users to add more descriptive titles to their documents and document alerts for better context.

Fix: Email notifications not displaying with the latest document title

Document titles can be updated using the edit button from the document details page. There was an issue where notifications for documents that had their titles updated were not displaying the new document title. This has now been resolved so that email notifications display more accurate and contextual information.

Fix: Timezone issue with “Store a Document”

We have resolved an issue where the “Store a Document” app was storing the execution date incorrectly for users from a different timezone to AEDT/AEST. The date entered by users in the app is now the date that will be reflected in the Document Details page.

Fix: Issues when adding the owner as a signer in Approve and eSign

Users have the option to add the owner as a signer using the “Add new signer” dropdown in the Approve and eSign workflow step. Once the owner was added, the “Add new signer” button would disappear. This has now been resolved so that users are able to add additional signers to their workflow after adding in the owner.

Fix: Workflow modal showing incorrect status for the Review state

We have resolved a minor issue where the Workflow Modal was saying the document was waiting to be marked in review despite the workflow being complete. This has been resolved so that the Workflow Modal is displaying accurate information about the status of the document.

Release 2.141 - 16 December 2021

Streamlined Reviewer notifications based on organisation unit

We have reduced the number of notifications received by default reviewers for a document type. Previously reviewers were receiving notifications for all documents they had reviewer permissions for, regardless of the organisation unit the document was created in. Reviewers will now only receive notifications for documents they have access to review as part of their organisation unit membership.

Restart the workflow of voided documents

Previously, if a document had been voided, it could only be restarted by the Plexus team from the back-end system. It is now possible for users to restart the workflows of voided documents themselves. This will ensure that they are empowered to progress their contract to execution in a more timely manner.

Fix: Incorrect users displaying on the default reviewer list

Previously, the default reviewer list was displaying inactive users. It was also excluding users who did not belong to the same organisation unit as the logged in user. It now displays the details of everyone who has access to the document and has received a notification to review it. This is a more accurate representation of the default reviewer list, ensuring the right people are listed as reviewers and can be contacted where required.

Fix: Workflow recipients prematurely getting notified of their removal from the workflow

Workflow recipients should only receive notifications that they have been removed from the workflow once it is their turn to approve or sign. Prior to this fix, recipients were getting notified they had been removed despite not yet receiving the approval or signing request.

Fix: Workflow of a completed document is editable

We have resolved an issue where a user was still able to edit the workflow of a document that was completed. When the user tried to save the workflow, they would receive an error. After the release of this fix, workflows of completed documents can only be viewed, not edited.

Release 2.140 - 9 December 2021

Flexible Review

Organisations now have a range of flexible new options when assigning reviewers to documents. Previously review could only be defined by role and was based on document type. New updates to the Approve, Sign and Store settings app allow administrators to configure review based on any custom fields set up for Approve and eSign.

From the Document details page, users have the opportunity to assign review to specific individuals to ensure only they are notified when a contract gets sent back for review. Multiple assignees can be added to a document, allowing reviewers to collaborate more effectively.

Store larger file sizes in Plexus Gateway

Previously there was a 35mb file size limit on uploads via the Bulk Import tool and the Store a Document app. This has now been removed so that more large historical documents that do not need a workflow can be stored in the system.

Fix: Cannot invite an existing user to a new organisation

We have resolved a minor issue where an existing user could not be invited to a different organisation’s instance of Gateway. New users will now be able to successfully login and will be assigned the default role for their new organisation.

Release 2.139 - 24 November 2021

More file formats are now editable from the document details page

We have expanded the types of documents that are editable in Plexus Gateway. Previously only word documents were editable. This list has now been expanded to include excel, powerpoint and rich text format documents. Users are now able to upload and collaborate on more of their key documents, with support to send them through the workflow with signature locations.

Fix: Document comparison app

We have resolved an issue with the Document Comparison app that was preventing people from being able to compare 2 existing documents from their computer. The app is now functioning as expected.

Release 2.138 - 17 November 2021

Fix: Images broken in Step 3 of User Onboarding

We have resolved an issue where some images were not loading in Step 3 of the new user onboarding guide. There was no impact to functionality.

Release 2.137 - 29 October 2021

User experience improvements to the document details page

We have made a number of minor improvements to the document details page so that it’s easier to use and navigate. This included:

  • Updating the dialogue boxes for uploading an amendment and uploading an executed agreement to provide a more consistent experience when uploading documents.

  • Making the ability to edit a document or task title more intuitive

  • Making more of the document preview window visible when you first land on the document details page

Fix: Reviewers receiving duplicate email notifications

We have resolved an issue where reviewers were receiving duplicate email notifications when they belonged to roles with an overlap in document review permissions. The notifications are now consolidated so that only one unique notification will be received per document.

Fix: User profile screen doesn’t refresh when updating a user’s roles

We have resolved an issue where you manually had to refresh the screen in order to see the changes made to a user’s role. The page will now update as soon as the changes are made.

Release 2.136 - 18 October 2021

Consolidate columns and search for document data more easily

Admins can now consolidate columns with the same name as they appear in the document list. Previously, columns with the same name were still distinguished from each other by the app that was used to generate them. This will allow users to more easily filter and find the right documents.

As part of this change, we will also be removing the App name row from the document list. This will allow more document rows to be displayed on the Document list without the need to scroll.

Plexus UI style updates

As part of ongoing updates to our UI, we have made some minor changes to the dialogue boxes on the Document Details page for uploading an amendment or an executed agreement.

It also includes some layout changes to Approve and eSign so that the app is more responsive on different screen sizes.

Fix: Incorrect activity log after publishing a document

We have resolved an issue where the activity log would incorrectly say that an amendment was uploaded. This was only occurring when the document was published immediately after being edited.

Fix: Welcome email not being received consistently

We have resolved an issue where users were not consistently receiving the welcome email. This welcome email gives them an introduction to the platform to help them get started. All new users who sign up or login for the first time will now receive this email to give them more context about the system.

Release 2.135.3 - 12 October 2021

Approve and eSign button styling change

We have updating the styling of all radio (Yes/No) buttons that appear in the Approve and eSign app. This ensures the app interface is more aligned with the rest of the system, to provide users with a seamless experience.

Release 2.135.2 - 8 October 2021

Fix: Documents in the signature phase being voided

We have resolved an issue where documents that were editing during the signing phase of the workflow were being incorrectly voided. This was preventing users from being able to progress the document to execution. This issue was prioritised and any existing documents impacted were also resolved by our engineering team.

Fix: App icon display issues on the dashboard

We have resolved some minor issues where apps were not appearing correctly on smaller screen widths. We have also ensured that the text under the app tile is correctly aligned.

Fix: Accept Review modal display issues

We have resolved a bug that was causing display issues on the accept Review modal. This did not impact the functionality, however some labelling on the modal was not appearing. The correct labelling has now been restored to the modal.

Release 2.135 - 4 October 2021

Search for approvers and signers from a list of internal users

We have improved the Approve and eSign app so that users can quickly add internal approvers and signers to their workflow. Previously a user would need to manually enter the name and email address of an approver or signer, even if they already had an account on Gateway. Users can now get their document generated even quicker by using the search functionality to select the internal users they need.

Fix: Timezone issue for legal support requests

We have resolved an issue where some users in timezones outside of Australia were reporting that the requested response date of their support requests were being changed to one day earlier by the system. This has now been rectified so that the requests are being created with the correct date.

Fix: Minor button update

We have resolved a minor UI issue where some buttons were not using the updated Plexus styling. All buttons within the platform should now display with the same styling to provide users with a more cohesive user experience.

Fix: Timeout when signing large files

We have resolved an uncommon issue where the system was timing out when a user tried to sign a contract. This was related to the contract being of a larger file size, although it was still within the 20mb limit. We have increased our system timeout so as to better handle larger file sizes.

Release 2.134 - 21 September 2021

Add an executed date when uploading an executed document via the Store a Document app

When a user uploads a document using the Store a Document app, they now have the ability to define the date of execution. This will ensure the executed document that is uploaded has been uploaded with the correct historical date. Previously the date of execution was automatically being set as the date of upload.

More consistent experience for documents without auto-send

For documents where the user is able to manually start the workflow, we have improved the experience so that the user will be prompted to do so each time Review is accepted on the document. Previously, the user was only being prompted to do so when the workflow was initially started. If the document was then sent back for review, the workflow would be automatically started once Review was accepted. This created an inconsistent experience and made it hard for the document author to review any changes made before sending the document out for approval or signature.

Minor improvements to modals and dialogue for Sharing

We have released some minor UI changes to improve the appearance of Plexus Gateway when using the Sharing feature.

Fix: Counterparty unable to make consecutive document edits

We have resolved an issue where the counterparty was unable to view a document that they had just edited. This was due to an error with the version visibility feature. This has now been resolved so that counterparties can see any draft document versions that they create themselves.

Release 2.133 - 10 September 2021

Minor improvements to modals and dialogue boxes across the system

We have released some minor UI changes to improve the appearance of Plexus Gateway when using modals on the Task details and Settings pages.

Fix: Status of some executed agreements changed to “Void”

We have resolved an uncommon issue where documents that had executed agreements uploaded to them were being marked as “Voided” by our system after the Docusign signing request expired. Any documents where an executed agreement is uploaded will remain in the executed status even if the Docusign request expires.

Fix: Error when uploading executed agreement on voided documents

We have resolved an error where a user could not upload an executed agreement on a document that was voided. Users are now able to update the document to the correct status to match the real-world execution outcome.

Fix: User keeps receiving emails to activate their account

We have resolved an uncommon issue where a user was receiving activation emails for their account despite already being activated. Activated users will not receive any additional emails asking them to join Plexus Gateway.

Fix: UI button spacing issue when approving or signing a document

We have resolved a minor UI issue where there was incorrect spacing between the primary action buttons when approving or signing a document.

Release 2.132 - 6 September 2021

Improved experience when reviewing a document in the Review stage of the workflow

Based on user feedback, we have improved the user flow when a document with tracked changes is sent for Review. Previously, users were being asked to review and accept or reject all tracked changes before they could mark the document in review. The flow has now been updated so that reviewers can first mark the document in review and then be prompted to review any changes.

Improved experience when inviting deactivated users

We have made it easier for a user to decide what to do when they have invited the email address of a deactivated user. Previously, the new invite buttons were automatically discarding invites to deactivated users. The end user will now be asked if they want to re-invite deactivated users.

Removed invite button from the User list

As part of the new invite buttons added to the navigation panels, we have removed the invite button on the User list. This will encourage users to only use the navigation invite buttons, which are easier to access. This provides a better user experience.

Fix: Insights reports including sub-documents in the count

We have resolved an issue where sub-documents were being included in the Insights counts. This led to some figures double counting contracts. All Insights reports now only count master contracts in their data.

Fix: Yes/No questions appearing as True/False in the documents list

When answering Yes/No question types created using the productivity tools, user responses were appearing as “True/False” in the document list. This has been updated so that the user response in the app matches the document list.

Release 2.131 - 25 August 2021

Document Alerts

We have released a new feature called Document Alerts. This will replace the “events” tab on the document details. Alerts created by any app can now be edited up until the moment they are sent. New alerts can also be created at any point in the document’s lifecycle. Users can use various date triggers to create alerts based on key document activity or specific milestones within their business.

Release 2.130 - 16 August 2021

Updated Onboarding experience for new users

We have created a new Onboarding experience for all new users who join Plexus Gateway. This will allow us to learn more about the new user, including what business department they belong to and why they joined Plexus Gateway. This will allow us to provide them a more tailored onboarding experience and realise value within the system quicker.

Easy access to user invitation

User invite buttons have been placed more prominently on the navigation panels. This was based on feedback that users were unsure how to invite their colleagues. The new buttons make it quick and easy for a user to invite their teammates. This will create a more seamless, collaborative experience for the team when using Plexus Gateway.

Docusign void expiry timeout updated

Previously, documents that were sent for signature were being voided 120 days after being sent for signing. After feedback from users, we have updated this timeout to 999 days. This will give signers more time to action their documents without the risk of needing to restart the workflow.

Fix: Document details page buttons not appearing correctly on small device widths

When accessing the Document details page using the Timeline view, some buttons on the document tab were overlapping with the navigation bar or being cropped off the page. This was only occurring on small device widths and has now been resolved.

Release 2.129 - 10 August 2021

Improve the performance of the dashboard notifications

Based on recent user feedback, we have made some performance improvements to the Notifications panel of the dashboard. This will load the notifications that a user needs to action quicker, allowing them to easily review and progress these documents.

Updated description text on login page

We have made some updates to the text that appears on the login page. This will give users who are logging in or signing up a clear understanding of what Plexus Gateway is and the value it adds.

Release 2.128 - 4 August 2021

Improve the loading performance of the User list

We have updated the user list so that admins with large numbers of users to manage have a better experience. The user list is now displayed in a table format with significant improvements to performance.

Improved the performance of the Document list

Minor improvement to the Document list performance so that documents on the list load quicker for users.

Fix: User able to upload a sub document without providing a document name

We have resolved an issue where a user was able to upload a sub document from the document details page without providing a document name. This resulted in the document being uploaded, but not selectable from the Supporting Materials section or from the document list. Validation has been added to prevent this from occurring in the future.

Fix: Email logo causing emails with the receipt of email notifications

We have resolved an uncommon issue where a signatory was unable to receive the signing request. This was due to an issue with the type of image uploaded for the client’s custom email notification banner.

Release 2.127 - 30 July 2021

Updated button appearance across Plexus Gateway

As part of the broad piece of work to improve the user experience and design of Plexus Gateway, we have updated the appearance of all buttons on the platform. This will provide users with a more consistent and aesthetically pleasing look as they use the product.

Fix: Double scroll bar appearing on the dashboard

We have resolved a minor issue where a double scroll bar was appearing on the dashboard. The unnecessary scrollbar has now been removed.

Fix: Incorrect text alignment in Edit Workflow modal

We have resolved a minor design issue where the text was not centre aligned in the Edit Workflow modal.

Release 2.126 - 22 July 2021

Update Insights calculation for documents being sent for Review

A change was made to the Usage page of Insights when calculating how many documents were sent for Review. Previously, this figure only included executed documents in the count. This has now been updated to include all documents, giving legal teams greater clarity around how much work is being sent to their function.

Browser update message for IE11 users

A non-obstructive banner message will now appear for any users of IE11. This is to encourage them to move to a modern, supported browser. Plexus Gateway will no longer ensure feature compatibility for IE11, and users who continue using this browser may have a degraded experience.

Fix: Recently viewed documents not appearing consistently on dashboard

We have resolved an issue where the recently viewed panel on the dashboard was not consistently displaying the last viewed document. This panel now updates to correctly reflect the user’s recently viewed documents.

Fix: User unable to sign document after signing locations were updated

We have resolved an issue where a user experienced an error while trying to sign a document. This error was due to signing locations being added to the document after it was already sent out for signature. Users will now be able to add signing locations without their signatory experiencing this error.

Release 2.124 - 6 July 2021

Updated buttons appearing on the Settings tabs

We have released a minor UI uplift of the buttons on the Settings tabs. This is part of the ongoing UI/UX work to improve the user experience and visual appearance of Plexus Gateway

Fix: Counterparty 500 error after editing and pausing workflow

We have resolved a rare error that was occurring after a series of specific actions were completed on a document. These actions were invalidating the signing request. This has now been resolved to prevent counterparties from experiencing such errors in the future.

Release 2.123 - 28 June 2021

Improved error messaging when a user’s account is blocked

We have updated the login screen to display more informative error messaging when a user’s account has been blocked. Previously the user would get a generic error. This change provides instructions on how the user can quickly get this issue resolved and sign in.

Fix: Gateway users receiving unrequired emails for actions they triggered

We have resolved an issue where users were receiving email notifications for actions that they had completed in the platform, such as sending a document for review. The user who completed the action will now no longer receive a notification. This reduces the number of notifications received by users. The notifications that are received are more meaningful, informative and actionable.

Fix: User unable to see the app icon

We have resolved an uncommon issue where certain users could not see the app icon for some apps on their dashboard. The description text under the icon was still visible. The app icons are now visible to all users who should see them, making it easier to find the right app.

Fix: Validation error clearing correct fields on Accept Invitation page

Previously, when a new user signed up to the platform via invitation, submitting the form with invalid details would clear all fields. This has been resolved so that only invalid fields are cleared, making it quicker and easier for the user to sign up.

Fix: Updated error messaging when saving a blank comment

We have updated the error message that appears in Matter Management when a user tries to save a blank comment. Previously a generic error was displayed. Users will now more clearly understand what is causing the error.

Fix: Misplaced label when selecting a user to share a document

We have resolved a UI issue which was occurring after adding a new share contact. It led to the field placeholder text overlapping with the contact’s name. Users are now able to add new contacts without any visual obstructions appearing.

Release 2.122 - 18 June 2021

Fix: Unable to edit company structure details

We have resolved an issue that was preventing admins from saving any edits (such as unit name change) related to their company structure via the Accounts settings page. Any changes made on this page will now save as expected.

Release 2.121 - 8 June 2021

Improved counterparty portal experience

We have updated the screens a counterparty sees after approving, signing or declining to approve or sign a document. It is now much easier for the user to understand that they have completed the process, and what will happen next. Counterparties who are interested in learning more about Plexus Gateway for their own organisations are able to submit an expression of interest for a demo.

A confetti celebration button has also been added to provide a moment of delight for users who have successfully approved or signed.

Improved animation when opening the View/Edit Workflow modal

We have improved the animation that flashes to highlight a person’s name when viewing them in the View/Edit Workflow modal. This creates a smooth transition from viewing a person in the Workflow Timeline to opening their details up in the Workflow modal.

Removed Plexus onboarding screens from displaying for new sign ups

We have removed the onboarding screens that appear for new user sign ups. This came from client feedback that the screens were confusing for users and disrupted their onboarding flow. They will be replaced with more contextualised screens in the upcoming weeks.

Fix: Cut-off text in the document details page Signature Locations viewer

When viewing Signature Locations, the instructional text in the left hand side panel was being cut off for some large screen sizes (1200-1400px). We have updated this so that users can now fully see the instructional text that guides them on the best way to place their signature tags.

Release 2.120 - 21 May 2021

Updated login and sign up experience

We have enhanced and simplified the look of the login and sign up pages when accessing Plexus Gateway. This will ensure that users have a more streamlined and visually appealing experience when trying to access the platform, and are more quickly able to login or join without confusion. New users will have more context around what Plexus Gateway is and how it will add value for them.

For users who are able to access multiple organisation units, the organisation unit selector page has also been updated with the same styling.

Editing Signature Locations from the document details page

We have improved the experience of changing the Signature Location tags for a document from the document details page. It is now much clearer and easier to find the Edit button, which will allow users to more quickly update their Signature Locations and move on to their other tasks.

“Last edited at” field for documents

We have added more user actions that will trigger the “last edited” column in the Documents list to update. Previously this field only updated when a key fact was updated on a document. The field will now update when:

  • A comment is added to a document

  • An attachment is uploaded to a document

  • An amendment is uploaded for a document

  • An approver or signer is updated, added or removed

  • An additional fact is edited for a document

  • Signature locations are edited on a document

Fix: Handle invalid email addresses for DocuSign

Previously, if a user accidentally added punctuation such as a semicolon to a signer’s email address, the signer would experience an error while attempting to sign. We have improved the error validation to make it clear to the signer why they are unable to sign the document and how to resolve the issue.

Fix: Editing a user’s profile displays an error message

We have resolved an intermittent “Oops” error that was appearing when editing a user profile. Admins can now edit any profile and save their changes without obstruction.

Fix: Loading a user’s profile briefly displays “Page not found” error

We have resolved an issue that was causing a “Page not found” message to briefly appear when loading a user’s profile. This did not prevent the user profile from loading, however has been fixed in order to improve the user experience.

Release 2.119 - 6 May 2021

Viewing email addresses in the workflow timeline

From feedback we received regarding the workflow timeline, we have updated it so that the email address of an approver or signer is always visible to the user. Previously the user had to hover over a name in order to see the email address. This will make it easier for users to verify and use this information as required, while they are working on the document.

Editing a user from the workflow timeline

Following feedback from users, we have added the ability to edit the details of an approver or signer by clicking on their name. This makes the experience quicker and more obvious for users who want to delegate, move or delete a recipient. Previously the user would need to first open the Workflow Manager modal and select the recipient they wished to update.

App icons still not appearing in some cases

Previously, we had released a fix to ensure that app icons would still display for clients who had a lot of apps. There were some cases where the app icons were still being rendered with a gray placeholder image instead. This has now been resolved so that all app icons are rendered correctly.

Fix: Approver unable to approve after a document workflow has been restarted

We have resolved an uncommon issue where an approver or signer was unable to action the document, if the document’s workflow had been restarted. Trying to approve or sign would generate an error and the user would be unable to proceed. Approval and signing workflows can now be restarted and followed to completion without error.

Release 2.118 - 28 Apr 2021

UX and UI improvements

Approve and eSign - Signature locations viewer

When adding signature locations to a document via the Approve and eSign app, we have removed the need to first apply the changes before being able to proceed to the next step. Any changes made in this viewer will now be saved automatically. This will provide users with an even quicker, more seamless experience when adding signature locations via the Approve and eSign app.

Counterparty portal version visibility control

The counterparty portal has been updated with the new version dropdown styling that was recently added to the document details page. This styling provides users with more detail on the creation time of each version and a clearer UI.

Document list

We have removed the collapsible button that was hiding the document contents search field. We have also updated the copy of that field to make it easier to understand what the search field is for.

Task list title

We have added a title to the task list, so that users who land on the page immediately understand that they are looking at the task list.

Add new contact field

We have improved the experience for adding a new contact. It is now possible to add a new contact before searching for an existing contact or while searching for an existing contact.

Fix: “Receive notifications” button appearing as unchecked

We have resolved an issue where the “Receive notifications” checkbox on a user’s profile was appearing as unchecked. This was purely a display issue, and did not actually prevent users from receiving notifications.

Fix: Some signers unable to view a contract’s sub documents

We have resolved an intermittent issue where some signers were unable to view a contract’s sub-documents. This issue was not occurring with documents submitted via the Approve and eSign app.

Release 2.117 - 20 Apr 2021

Send a reminder to the next approver

Reminders can now be sent to the approvers that are next in line to approve a document. This works similar to the send signature reminders functionality. A user can add a comment to their reminder, which will be then sent as an email notification to the approvers in the current approval round.

Executed email notification to include sub documents

Previously, once a document was marked as executed, recipients of the executed agreement would only receive the executed master document. This has been updated so that if there are any sub documents associated with the master contract, these are also sent out to all relevant parties (any signers, the author, owner and sharers). This will ensure that users receive the complete set of contract materials and all required signatures via their email.

Improved UX for the “Add new contact” button

We have improved the user experience when adding a new contact to share, delegate or add an external recipient to a document’s workflow. Previously, once a user clicked into the field the option to add a new contact would be hidden under the list of internal recipients that appeared as a drop down list. This option is now more clearly visible even when a user clicks into the field, making it more obvious how to add someone who is not on the list of internal recipients.

Improved UI for the “View workflow” button

The “View workflow” button that is visible on the Workflow Timeline now dynamically updates to read “Edit workflow” when the user who is viewing the document has the correct permission to edit the document’s workflow. This will make it more obvious to users how to edit a document’s workflow.

Update legal review emails with new language

We have updated all emails that referenced the term “Legal review” to read as “Review” only. This is to ensure consistency between the language in the productivity tools, document details page and email notifications.

Update bulk import spreadsheet

A previous update of the bulk import spreadsheet would lead to users downloading and opening a spreadsheet with their cursor in the incorrect position. This would force the user to scroll multiple rows up the page in order to find content. This has been updated with a spreadsheet using the correct cursor positioning.

Fix: Edit of signature locations not working when the document is in signature stage

We have fixed an issue where editing a signature location while a document was awaiting signature would not actually update the signature locations for the relevant signer. This has been resolved so that users can now update the signature locations for a signer right up until the moment they have signed the document.

Release 2.116 - 1 Apr 2021

Approve and eSign improvements

We have updated the language in the app to make it more consistent with the rest of Plexus Gateway. This will provide users with a more consistent experience when using the platform.

Approve, Sign and Store Settings app improvements

We have updated the settings app to allow admins to define delegation rules where the Review step should be mandatory. This will provide the confidence that documents submitted via the Approve and eSign app have the appropriate level of review.

We have also added explanation text so that users understand the purpose of the app and how they can use it.

Contract import instructions

We have updated the instructions that appear on the Contract Import spreadsheet so that users can more easily understand how to populate the spreadsheet for their Contract Import.

UI improvements

  • We have updated the hover colour that appears on the Role list and User list pages so that it is easier for a user to see which row item they are currently on.

  • We have updated the font title for the Approve and eSign, Store a Document and Settings apps to make it more consistent with other apps in Gateway.

Release 2.115 - 31 Mar 2021

Fix: Ability to edit the workflow of a sub document

We have resolved an issue which was allowing users to edit the workflow of a sub-document, which should not be possible. When attempting to save the changes, a user would see an error message. The Edit Workflow window has now been updated to provide clear messaging to instruct the user to edit a sub document’s workflow via a link to the master contract.

Fix: Activity log for signature not updating when wet signed

We have resolved an issue where the activity log for a signer actioning a document was not displaying when the document was wet-signed. We have also updated the activity log for signing to appear on every document that is sent out for signature - master and all sub documents. Previously the activity log was only appearing on the document that had the signature placed on it, which presented users with an incomplete picture of the contract activity.

Release 2.114 - 24 Mar 2021

Counterparty version visibility control

We have updated Plexus Gateway’s document version functionality so teams can easily manage external visibility of multiple document versions. This allows internal-only draft versions to be set as invisible to counterparties and collaborators outside the organisation. All users within an organisation who can see a given document can make these changes, and documents hidden from external parties will only be visible to Gateway users from within the organisation.

Signature locations tab with document draft versions

We have added user friendly alerts that will display when a user is viewing the Signature Locations tab. This is to encourage users to review the positions of their signature locations after their draft document has been published, to ensure that the signature locations are correct.

Performance improvements

We have achieved a 20% improvement in the response time for the document workflow state transitions. This will improve the user experience when a document is transitioning between two workflow states, such as from approval to signing.

Fix: Docusign error when trying to sign after a wet signed document has been uploaded

We have resolved an issue where users were seeing a generic Docusign error when trying to sign a document after the previous signer had wet-signed. Users can now sign the document regardless of who else has wet-signed the document.

Fix: Approve and eSign submission error

We have resolved an intermittent issue that was preventing users from submitting their document via Approve and eSign due to either being a large file (multiple documents over 10mb in size in one submission) or a file without an extension in the name.

Fix: Document list load issue

We have resolved an internal server error that was being generated on the page when a user loaded the document list at the same time a document was being created and added into the list.

Release 2.113 - 17 Mar 2021

Performance improvements for documents list and dashboard notifications

Performance improvements to reduce the load time for the document list have been released, resulting in a 70% reduction in the load time for the document list. Additional improvements to reduce the load time for dashboard notifications have resulted in a 50% reduction in the load time for dashboard notifications.

Improved handling of signature locations on deleted pages

We have resolved an error that was occurring when a signatory tried to action a document that contained signature locations on a page that had been deleted. After editing and publishing the document users will be notified to review the Signature Locations tab. This is because now the previous locations will automatically be removed from the document to prevent the error from occurring.

We have also added more user friendly alerts to appear when an error does occur, so that users have a clearer understanding of what the issue is and how to resolve it.

Universal search performance improvements

Improvements were made to reduce the time taken to load results.

Fix: Universal search not generating complete set of results

Issues with universal search were preventing some clients from getting a complete set of results when searching for a contract using the Universal Search. This has now been fixed to ensure that all relevant results for that organisation unit were appearing.

Fix: Counterparty unable to view minor versions

We have resolved an error where counterparties were unable to view minor versions when viewing a document. Any published versions were still visible as per expected behaviour. Counterparties are now able to view any published and minor versions via the counterparty portal.

Fix: Unable to update the custom email logo via the Accounts UI

We have resolved an issue preventing admins from updating the email brand logo for their account to a custom brand logo. The functionality was still available by contacting Support. Admins are now able to self-service any email logo updates via the Brand Settings tab on the Accounts page.

Fix: Reminders sent from the dashboard do not contain custom brand logos

Previously, signing reminders sent from the dashboard did not contain an account’s custom logo in the email notification. This has been updated so that any signing reminders sent from the dashboard contain the correct custom brand logo.

Release 2.112 - 16 Mar 2021

Custom brand logo for internal email notifications

Updating the custom brand logo displayed on emails will now display when sending to internal users in addition to external users. Previously only external email addresses (counterparties) would see the custom logo. This change brings the custom logo to the following emails for internal as well as external users:

  • Send for approval

  • Send for execution

  • Document amendment notification

  • Send reminder emails

  • Custom notifications (emails set by approve and e-sign for example)

  • Emails not covered by this ticket:

  • Comments

  • Document deletion or document sharing

  • Draft document saved

  • Any Matter Management email (internal only as Matter Management emails cannot be sent to external users)

Fix: App icons not loading

We have resolved an issue where some app icons would not load when the user had a large number of apps on their dashboard. They would appear as grey icons. All apps should now display with the appropriate icons regardless of how many apps are on the dashboard.

Fix: Sending a signature reminder from the dashboard

We have resolved an issue where clicking the “Send reminder” button via the Dashboard would not send a signature reminder out. There was no impact to the button from the document details page. All signatories in the current round who have not yet actioned the document will now be sent an email notification reminding them to sign.

Fix: Powered by Plexus logo appearing twice

We have resolved an issue where the “Powered by Plexus” logo was appearing twice on some emails that had a custom brand logo uploaded.

Release 2.111 - 9 Mar 2021

We have released a number of performance improvements so that:

  • A document transitions quicker across various workflow stages.

  • Dashboard notifications load quicker.

  • Any pages in the Approve and eSign, Store a Document, and some custom apps now load quicker. This will be particularly noticeable for users with a slow internet connection.

Release 2.110 - 3 Mar 2021

Some technical debt and system maintenance items were completed.

Release 2.109 - 23 Feb 2021

Fix: User with correct permission unable to delegate non-editable workflows

We have resolved an issue where a user who had permission to delegate could not delegate a document that had a fixed workflow. Documents with non-editable workflows can still be delegated by the correct users.

Fix: Deleting the only recipient from an active round

There was an issue with the new Workflow Manager where adding a new round and then deleting the only recipient from the currently active round would not allow the workflow to proceed. This has been resolved so that the document can proceed along the workflow with the newly added round.

Fix: Incorrect action status appearing against users of a workflow

We have resolved an issue where new users added to a workflow would have a tooltip saying they had already actioned the document when they had not. The tooltip has been updated to reflect the correct status information for the recipient.

Release 2.108 - 19 Feb 2021

Workflow Manager

The ability to edit a document’s workflow is now available to all users who have access to the Approve and eSign app. This will give users the flexibility to add and remove approvers and signers from the document’s workflow without needing to delete and re-upload the document. Users can also create parallel rounds to speed up the approval and signing process, which was previously not possible for documents generated by Approve and eSign. This will be available for all new Approve and eSign documents from the 19th of Feb, where the document does not have any delegation rules that have been applied to it.

Fix: Error when editing a user’s profile

We have resolved an issue where admins were receiving an Oops! error when trying to edit a user’s profile by clicking on the edit icon in the user list page. Admins were still able to edit the profile by clicking on the user’s name and going directly to the profile. Admins can once again use the edit pencil to edit a user’s profile.

Fix: Legacy status mapping for Review

We have resolved an issue where some clients were using a legacy document status for the workflow Review stage (formerly known as Legal Review), which has not been mapped to the new Document Timeline. This meant that the timeline showed the document as not requiring Review. This has been resolved so any custom applications using that status correctly display the Review stage as being required.

Release 2.107 - 15 Feb 2021

Users can now download the Certificate of Completion from their executed documents. The certificate provides identifying information about the envelope, including e-signatures, and complete details of the envelope events. It is effectively an audit trail. Previously a user would have to contact Plexus Gateway Support in order to get a copy of this certificate. These certificates are available from this date forwards. Historical copies can still be obtained by contacting Plexus Gateway Support.

Release 2.103-2.106

Development work was released internally and some technical debt and system maintenance items were completed.

Release 2.102 - 19 Jan 2021

Fix: Rare server error causing login issue

We have resolved a rare issue where some users received an “Unexpected server error” and were unable to login due to the system treating them like they were not associated to an organisation unit.

Fix: Issue when declining signature via Docusign

Previously, if a signer had declined a document via Docusign instead of using the Plexus Gateway decline button, the workflow would not update and would still appear pending on that signer’s signature. This has been updated so that declines though Docusign are reflected correctly on the platform.

Release 2.101 - 20 Jan 2021

Document Timeline toggle on

The toggle that allows users to turn the new Document Timeline view on and off has been switched on by default. As we move to making the Document Timeline the only view of a document’s workflow this change is to allow more users to experience the benefits of the new view - a much clearer, easier to understand view. Users can still toggle back to the old view by switching the toggle off. In the future the toggle will be completely removed. If you have feedback please email [email protected] or reach out through the in-app intercom button in the bottom right of the screen.

Fix: User list not loading for accounts with large numbers of users

We have resolved an issue where the user list was not loading when an account had thousands of users in their user list. This has now been fixed so that accounts are able to search for users and manage their roles and units via their profile.

Fix: Completed signing data not being sent back from Docusign

We have resolved an uncommon issue where information about a completed signature was not being sent back to Plexus Gateway (PG) from Docusign. This meant that information around the document being signed, who it was signed by and when was not automatically sent back to PG and had to be manually republished by the support team in order to be sent back to PG. This has now been fixed so that all signatures automatically send their signing data to PG from Docusign.

Release 2.100 - 14 Jan 2021

Created by column in Matter Management task list now filterable as a list

The “Created by” column in the task list was previously searchable as a free text field. We have updated this to be filterable as a list, which means that users can now select and filter the column by multiple people from a dropdown list, instead of just 1-2 people. This will make it easier to filter tasks created by multiple users at once.

Fix: Activity log for sending a signing reminder from the dashboard

We have resolved an issue where an activity log was not being generated when users sent a signing reminder from the dashboard. Signing reminders sent from the dashboard will now appear as activity log entries, providing a complete history of activity of any reminders sent for the document.

Release 2.99 - 12 Jan 2021

Fix: Round not marked as signed after delegating a signer

We have resolved an issue where a document was not marked as signed despite the signer having actioned the document in docusign, which was then preventing the document from progressing through the workflow. This was due to the delegation of a signer in a future round while a current round is in progress. Signers in any round can now be delegated at any point in the workflow.

Fix: Send for review from sub document does not reset the workflow

There was an issue where sending a sub document for review would not reset the document’s workflow. This was incorrect behaviour as any changes to the sub document will also impact all related sub and master document’s workflow and should reset the workflow. This has now been resolved so that when a sub document is sent back for review, all related sub and master documents follow the same workflow.

Fix: Task value disappearing after being selected

When a user clicked on an uneditable task field such as “Created by”, the field value would disappear. This has been fixed so that the user is able to see all the information related to the task

Fix: UI issue with the SSO configuration page

We have resolved a minor UI misalignment issue that was occurring with two buttons found on the SSO configuration page, which is available to some admins. This error was only occurring in IE11 and has now been resolved.

Release 2.98 - 8 Jan 2021

Improved how uploaded executed documents are displayed

We have improved the user experience so that is clearer to the user that an executed agreement was uploaded. Previously, the action of uploading an executed agreement while a contract is in the middle of its workflow would not be clearly reflected in the document timeline, creating confusion among users as to how the document’s workflow was completed without specified approvals and signatures being actioned.

Improved processing times for contracts

We have improved the system performance to reduce the time it takes to change a contract status. This covers sub documents in a contract, activity logs and updates to the workflow timeline. With this improvement changes are processed and reflected on the UI quicker.

We have also improved the performance speed of the system when a signer clicks the sign button and is redirected to Docusign. These improvements will create a quicker, more seamless experience for the user.

Fix: Search not working on numerical columns in the Document list

There was previously an issue where the search field was not working on numerical columns in the Document list, such as “Contract value”. When a user searched for a numerical value, it would not display any results in the list, despite there being matching results. This has now been resolved so that users receive the correct results for their numerical search query.

Fix: Request Legal Support app showing an incorrect date warning

When a user selects a due by date within 24 hours of their request submission, the Request Legal Support app for Matter Management displays a warning message. If the user then amended their date to be more than 24 hours in the future, the warning message would still appear. This has been resolved so that it is clearer to users that the warning message is only applicable when the due date is within 24 hours of the request.

Fix: Receiving reminders for deleted documents

We have resolved an issue where users were still receiving expiry reminder notifications for documents that had been deleted. This has been resolved so that users no longer receive reminders for documents that cannot be actioned.

Fix: Unable to delete a newly created sub org unit

We have resolved an issue where account admins were unable to delete sub org units they had just created via the Company Structure tab in Account settings. Users were getting an error that said "Cannot delete an organisation with attached data" despite the unit having no data associated to it yet. Admins can now delete any sub org units they may have accidentally created, ensuring their org unit structure remains clean.

Fix: Error message when saving a Matter Management or Document grid view with Firefox

Firefox users were receiving an error which said “Unable to show table view” despite the view being saved. This has now been resolved to prevent any confusion for users around the status of the saved view.

Fix: Error when enabling a Document list field with a name longer than 25 characters

We have resolved an issue where admins for the Document list page were receiving an error message when enabling a custom field that had a name longer than 25 characters. These field names are automatically generated based on the custom field name created via the Approve, Sign, Store settings app. The field names are now automatically truncated at 25 characters so that users will no longer receive this error.

Fix: Minor UI improvement of the Notifications tab

We have updated a label misalignment that was occurring in the Notifications tab of the Accounts page.

Release 2.97 - 23 Dec 2020

Document Timeline

We have added a number of improvements to the UI and UX for the new Document Timeline to make it easier to use.

Release 2.96 - 22 Dec 2020

Matter Management improvements

We have made some improvements to the Matter management settings tab - formerly known as Task settings. This is accessible via the Accounts page. Admins can now:

  • Manage who should be defined as a lawyer for Matter management requests coming through the Request Legal Support app.

  • Have newly created tasks auto-assigned to lawyers based on the task category.

This will give teams the flexibility to decide how the legal team is set up to work on matters. It will also ensure that tasks are immediately assigned to the right person, giving the legal team and business users the confidence that each request will be looked at. Once task assignees have been set up it is possible to then adjust who receives new request notifications. Making this change will reduce the number of notifications an individual may receive.

Release 2.95 - 17 Dec 2020

The new Document Timeline feature was rolled out to select accounts. This feature makes it much easier to understand what progress has been made on the document’s workflow and what else is required to progress the document to completion, and by whom. The workflow is also now visible via a unique diagram view that displays the workflow more intuitively. Delegation of approvers and signers, as well as adding additional reviewers as assignees will now be done in this view.

If you are interested in having this view turned on for your organisation, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

Release 2.94 - 4 Dec 2020

Adding document facts from Approve and eSign and Store a Document apps

When using the Approve and eSign app, previously the additional facts fields for optional custom questions would only be populated if the user answered the question. This has been updated so that any custom question that is displayed to a user when completing the app will populate even if the question was not answered at creation time. This will give users the ability to complete this field later when they have more information.

Release 2.93 - 30 Nov 2020

Fix: Part signed document button showing up incorrectly

Previously, the part signed document was appearing on the document details page even if there was not a part signed document available for download. No action would occur after pressing the download button. This has now been fixed so the button only appears when there is a part signed document available for download.

Release 2.92 - 20 Nov 2020

Fix: Editing supporting material in Matter Management

We have fixed an uncommon issue where a supporting material file that had special characters in its name would become an unsupported file type that could not be previewed or edited. Supporting material with special characters in the title can now be edited without issue.

Fix: Error when adding long names to a document column

Previously an unclear error message would display from the document list admin page when a document list admin would try to save a field name that was longer than 25 characters. The field has now been limited so that the user is unable to type beyond 25 characters.

Fix: Updated activity log for deleting attachments

We have resolved an issue that occurred when a user deleted an attachment they did not upload, which resulted in an inaccurate activity feed entry that stated the author deleted the attachment instead. The correct user is now listed against the activity log for deleting an attachment.

Release 2.90 - 6 Nov 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

Owner column added to document list

When viewing the document list it is now possible to filter the document list by the key fact field “owner”. This will allow users to easily identify documents that they or another user owns. This can be helpful in a number of scenarios, for example, a user can then go and update this field if the owner has left the organisation or business unit. When combined with a saved view this also provides a quick way to see the documents that members of a team own.

App Drafts

Applications based on our latest Automation Framework now have the ability to automatically save a user’s session as a draft. The draft is automatically created and updated as a person progresses through an application. This provides users with the flexibility to leave their current app editing session without the risk of losing the work they have completed so far. When they come back to the app if there is a previously saved draft they can continue with the submission or start a fresh submission. If you would like this functionality for your current apps please speak to your Customer Success Manager for details of how to make this happen.

Release 2.89 - 30 Oct 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

Search for an internal sharing recipient by email address

We have added the ability to search for an internal sharing recipient by email address. Previously users could only search by name. This will make it even easier for users to find the right person to share with.

Fix: Custom notifications URL not working for some external users

We have resolved an uncommon issue where custom notifications sent to some external users were not opening the document correctly, displaying an error saying the resource could not be found. All URLs for custom notifications are now working correctly.

Fix: Intermittent auto send issue

We have resolved an intermittent issue where auto send didn’t work when sub documents get processed by our system uploader before master documents.

Fix: Document could be shared to the same person multiple times.

We have fixed a bug where internal users could have a document shared with them multiple times, which would then result in the user still having access to the document even when it was unshared with them. It is now only possible to share a document once with the same person and when they are removed from sharing they will no longer have access through sharing.

Release 2.87 - 21 Oct 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

New sharing functionality

Collaborating on a document with your colleagues has become even easier with the new Sharing feature. This feature allows users to add colleagues or other trusted advisors to work with them on a document at any point in the workflow.

Release 2.86 - 8 Oct 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

New signing locations field

We have further expanded the use cases for the signing locations feature with the addition of a text box field. This will give users the flexibility to define their own text box size, which can then be populated by signers with text suitable to the document being completed.

Release 2.85.1 - 7 Oct 2020

Matter Management improvements

We have improved the experience of moving documents from Matter Management to Approve and eSign by making the “Create workflow” button more visible against each applicable piece of supporting material. In addition multiple items can be selected to use them in the same workflow at creation time. Previously users would need to hover over each document in order to see the button, which was not discoverable.

Release 2.85 - 1 Oct 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

Signature location improvements

We have expanded the capabilities of the signature locations feature to accommodate a greater number of use cases for our users. Users are now able to add tags for the following fields:

  • Full name

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Title

  • Email

  • Company

Fix: Handling signature locations for documents with landscape mode

We have resolved an issue where users would receive an error when trying to sign a document with signature tags. This was because some of the pages were in landscape mode, which disrupted the positioning of the signature tags.

FIx: Changing the document uploaded for signature locations

We have resolved an issue where the document displayed in the signature locations viewer would not update when new or additional documents were uploaded in Step 1 of Approve and eSign.

Release 2.84 - 29 Sep 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

Activity logs for signing locations

We have added activity logs to appear whenever a signature location is added, updated or deleted from the document details page. This will provide a clear audit trail of any changes made to the signature locations of a document.

Fix: Close and notify for external users

We have resolved an issue where the “Close and notify” button was not sending notifications out to users when an external user made changes to the document via the counterparty portal. Email notifications will now be sent out to alert the relevant users of changes to a document made by an external party.

Fix: Usage of signing locations feature on IE11 and Edge

The signature locations viewer was not visible for users using IE11 and older Edge browsers. While this has now been remedied, we recommend all Plexus Gateway users use the latest Google Chrome for the best experience.

Release 2.83 - 22 Sep 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

With this release it is possible, for suitable use cases, to define the location that a person should sign their contract. The ability to define the signing location is available to all contracts and documents uploaded through the Approve and eSign tool. This new functionality makes signing easier and quicker, it makes it more accurate and removes the risk of signing in the wrong location.

When uploading a document through Approve and eSign there is a new step 3 where the signing locations can be defined. After definition they can be redefined and when the document is sent for signing the locations are sent with it.

With this release the signer signature, signer initials and date signed fields are supported.

Release 2.80 - 21 Aug 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

Addition of sort label to Task Insights charts

We have added a label next to the sort icon of all Task Insights charts so that users can clearly see how the data in the chart is being sorted. It will be sorted by Total (High-Low) by default. Previously there was no label to determine this.

Fix: Columns not appearing on Internet Explorer

We have resolved an issue where the “Created at” and “Executed at” columns were not appearing in the document list if the user was using IE11. These columns will now be visible.

Release 2.78 - 11 Aug 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

Migrating tasks to a new organisation unit

It was previously not possible for tasks to be migrated from one organisation unit to another. This would become a problem in the event an organisation unit was deleted, or there was an organisation unit hierarchy restructure which required task migration. It could impact all tasks causing them to remain in the incorrect organisation unit. This can now be facilitated by our Engineering team, when required by clients.

Fix: Document signing issue

We have resolved an occasional bug where some users were unable to sign documents due to an error that occurred after delegating a signer.

Fix: Unable to delete users

We have resolved a bug where organisation admins could not delete users that matched certain conditions. The conditions were when a user was created in the system via user seeding and had not yet logged in.

Release 2.77 - 5 Aug 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

New Task Insights page

We have improved the Task insights page so that the leaders of legal functions can gain a deeper understanding into how their function is managing the business demand for legal task and matters. Users with access to this feature will now also be able to filter by status in addition to date and task category.

We have also introduced two new charts for better visualisation of how task assignees are managing their workload, and which organisation units are generating the most legal support requests. Users will also be able to export the data being represented into an excel sheet for deeper analysis with their own BI reporting tools.

If you currently don’t have access to Legal Task Management or the Task Insights please speak to your Customer Success representative or Plexus Support.

Uploading executed contracts via the bulk Contract Import tool

The Contract Import feature allows clients to bulk upload their historical contracts onto the Plexus Gateway platform. It has been updated to support the ability to upload a document with the status of “Executed”, where previously only “Authored” was supported. This will allow historically executed contracts to be uploaded with the correct status information for record keeping in Plexus Gateway.

Using this feature makes it simple and straightforward for clients to migrate their existing contracts into Plexus Gateway to create a single source of truth for their organsiation.

Fix: Date range picker not working in IE11

We have resolved an issue where the date range picker used across a number of pages such as Insights, document details and task details, would not allow IE11 users to select dates. This has now been resolved across all pages.

Fix: Document list showing incorrect status for an executed document

We have resolved a rare bug where when a user renamed a document shortly after it was marked as executed in the system, causing the document list to show the document’s previous status instead of displaying as executed.

Release 2.76 - 27 July 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

Improved user interface for the Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration page

We have updated the user interface of the SSO self configuration page which is available to administrators. This will improve the overall experience and make it easier for administrators to navigate the page.

Improved error message in Promotion Wizard app

We have updated the error message that appears when Promotion Wizard users change their jurisdiction within the app. It was unclear to users how to resolve the error, leading them to reach out to our Promotions team for assistance. The clearer message will allow users to quickly correct the error themselves and proceed with their application.

Fix: Disabled users should not receive any notifications from Gateway

We have resolved the error that occured when a user was disabled rather than deleted from Gateway, the user would still receive notifications for any workflows or event emails they were part of. This error has been resolved so disabled users will no longer receive notifications.

Fix: Promotion Wizard users billing page

We have resolved an issue where administrators of Promotion Wizard clients saw an error when they tried to review their credit balance with Plexus Gateway via a billing page in the Accounts menu. Users will now be able to see their credit balance where relevant, helping them to manage their account’s spending on Promotion Wizard. Users who are interested in seeing this page but currently cannot should contact their Customer Success Manager or [email protected] for assistance.

Fix: IE11 users unable to open the Accounts page

IE11 users were seeing an error message when they tried to open the Accounts page which prevented them from seeing the page at all. This has now been resolved.

Release 2.75 - 17 July 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

Alert before uploading an amendment

When a user uploads an amendment to a document, this will restart the workflow - clearing any approvals or signatures that were carried out on the document. We have added an alert message to warn users their document's workflow will be restarted after an amendment is uploaded. This will allow the user to decide if they want to proceed and prevent any confusion around workflow behaviour.

Upload version moved out of signer dropdown

While the ability to upload a new version appears under the “Upload” button on the document details page, previously this was accessible under the “Sign” button when a signer was viewing the document. This has been moved back under the Upload button to provide a more consistent experience for users.

Fix: Admins unable to manage users in different subunits to themselves

We have resolved a bug where admins with permission to manage their organisation’s user list were unable to edit or remove users that belonged to different sub units to themselves. Admins can now manage users that reside anywhere in their organisation’s hierarchy.

There was an issue where SSO users who clicked the activation link in their email despite already being logged in would see a 401 error on the page. We have improved the experience so that users no longer see this error.

Release 2.74.1 - 9 July 2020

As part of our effort to resolve a number of formatting issues with the OnlyOffice PDF viewer, we have upgraded the PDF viewer in Legal Task Management. This follows an earlier upgrade of the PDF viewer in Contract Management which has reportedly resolved the formatting issues that were being experienced.

Release 2.74 - 8 July 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

More informative activity log after uploading an amendment

Previously, when a user uploaded an amendment to a document with a comment, there was no reference in the activity log to the user who uploaded the amendment, or that their workflow had been restarted if any recipients had already approved or signed the document. This change removes the confusion by clearly indicating why the document workflow has been restarted.

Document type duplication amended across all email notifications

All email notifications originally displayed the name of the document type and document title in the same line. This often led to duplication if the document type was listed in the title. We have updated the format of our email templates to move document type and title onto separate lines, so that users can easily differentiate between the two.

Legal Task Management improvements

New columns added to the Task list

Two new columns, “Last modified by” and “Last modified at”, have been added to the Task list to give users more information regarding the status of their tasks and when they were last worked on, which they can use to improve their reporting and prioritisation.

Fix: Declining a document via Docusign prevents the workflow from being restarted

We have resolved an issue where documents that had been declined via Docusign could no longer be signed after the workflow had been restarted. Now, when users decline a document via Docusign, the workflow will restart and they will be able to sign the amended document.

Fix: Organisation units that have been deleted should not be accessible

We have resolved an issue where users were still able to log into organisation units that had been deleted.

Some users were experiencing an issue where they were unable to open .msg files attached as Supporting Material against tasks without removing a date field that had been added to the file extension. This has been resolved so that .msg files can be directly opened without any changes required from the user.

We have resolved an issue where users could not download certain Supporting Material files as numbers were added to the file extension. All supporting material will now download with the correct file extension.

Release 2.73 - 30 Jun 2020

Legal Task Management improvements

Legal Task Management admins are now able to manage notification recipients and custom categories themselves. This is a significant improvement to the previous process where changes had to come through as a request to the Plexus team. The addition of this capability will empower admins to make changes whenever they want and adjust the setup of task categories to fit their organisations needs.

With the new updates, admins are now able to:

Control triage notifications

  • Manage who should receive an email notification when a task is created. Individual lawyers can be assigned to categories or sub-categories. This ensures tasks are always triaged to the right set of lawyers. For categories where no lawyers have been set as a notification recipient, no one will be notified. This can be mitigated by assigning default recipients:

  • Default recipients allow you to manage who should receive notifications for tasks that do not have any triage lawyers assigned to them. This ensures that a lawyer will always get notified when a task is created, and eliminates the risk of tasks being missed.

Custom categories

  • Manage custom categories and sub-category names and order. Easily make updates to the list of categories and subcategories that users see when creating or updating a task. It is also possible to control the order, so that the most used categories appear at the top of the list and are easy for users to find.

Private categories

  • Mark task categories as private and therefore control who has visibility of those categories. This will ensure confidential matters can only be seen by the users who need to see them.

Plexus Promotions improvements

There were changes made to the Plexus Promotions app in line with NSW legislation changes required from 1 July 2020:

  • Changes to permit pricing within the quote tool and app itself

  • Removal of permit number from appearing in short form terms

  • Amendment of the format of the permit number (now Authority number) in long form terms

Fix: Bulk Contract Import

  • Previously, if a user specified an email address for an author or owner in different casing, this would generate an error. This has been fixed so that any casing is accepted.

  • In Gateway it is possible to have org units of the same name - both across different clients, and within the same org unit hierarchy. The Contract Import feature was previously not able to handle these scenarios, resulting in an error. This has been amended so that documents can be assigned to any org unit within Gateway.

We have resolved a minor UI issue where if the user selected the longest values for status, priority and due date on a task, the assignee field would shift to another line. The assignee field will now always stay on the same line as the other task facts.

Fix: Missing signatures on a partially signed document

We have resolved an uncommon bug where if a user tried to download a partially signed document 3 months after it was sent out for signature, there would be no signatures available for download.

Release 2.72.2 - 26 Jun 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

PDF viewer

Numerous users were reporting formatting issues when viewing PDF documents on the platform that were preventing them from being able to read the document properly. We have updated the document viewer to provide a better experience for users viewing PDF documents from the Document Details page.

Release 2.72 - 24 Jun 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

Invitation reminder email campaign

Previously when an individual was invited to join Gateway by their colleague, they only received one email notification which could easily be missed or forgotten about. This would then create delays in the amount of time taken for the invited person to sign up and collaborate with their colleagues on Gateway. We have now implemented email reminders to encourage people who are invited by Gateway users to join their colleagues and sign up for the platform.

Cleaned up an email notification for legal review, to remove the reason for review field from appearing when no reason was supplied. This ensures the information provided in email notifications is succinct and useful.

New "Executed at" column in the Document List

New column “Executed at” was added to appear for all users as a default column option in the document list, however this was not visible in the list without the user manually checking this. A change was made to ensure that any new columns that are added to the list will appear in every user’s profiles.

When a user was on the document details page, and they used the universal search to navigate to another document, the newly opened document would not display anything in it’s Activity Feed. The user was still able to view the Activity Feed upon refresh of the page. The Activity Feed will now correctly populate on first load each time.

Fix: Exporting from the Document List

Fixed a rare bug where for some clients, exports from the Document list did not have the .csv file extension. Every export file from the Document list or Task list will now have the .csv extension.

Release 2.71 - 18 Jun 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

  • We have made a number of improvements and a refreshed view of the document list. These provide significantly greater flexibility for users, allowing them to customise their document list with the information that is most important to them and use powerful new filtering capabilities for better search results. Users will also be able to save views of their document list, which will allow them to easily load a previous configuration of their list. The ability to save views is also available in the Legal Task Management task list.

  • As part of the new improvements to the document list, admins can now add new columns for filtering based on document metadata unique to their organisation. These custom columns will be added to their users’ document’s list, and will allow users to search for documents using a much wider range of data.

Legal Task Management Outlook plugin improvements

  • Improvements made to the wording of some questions, to make it clearer for users to understand what details they need to fill in when submitting a task via the Legal Task Management Outlook plug-in. For details on how to install this, see this help article.

  • Made a minor improvement to the form to provide a better visual experience.

  • Fixed an issue where the cursor was jumping to the bottom of the text box when trying to edit the task details section.

Release 2.70 - 9 Jun 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

A beta version of the new document list was released. See Version 2.71 for full details of the new document list.

Release 2.69 - 3 Jun 2020

Legal Task Management improvements

Private Tasks

Private tasks allow specific categories of tasks to only be visible to certain roles or individuals. This is useful for keeping sensitive tasks limited to a specific audience. Legal Task Management admins could previously only add roles to a private task category, but with this update it is now possible to add individual users, providing greater flexibility and making it easier for admins to manage this themselves.

Fix: Outlook plugin cursor issue

There was an issue with the Legal Task Management plugin on Microsoft Outlook where the cursor would always jump to the end of the text box in the task details section, making it difficult to edit. This is now resolved and the task details can be edited before the task is created.

Release 2.68 - 26 May 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

Logging back in after session expiry

When a user was previously automatically logged out they would need to click a login button to go back to the login page. We’ve now made it easier to log back into Gateway when a user has been automatically logged out after their session has expired. Users will now be redirected to the login page. This will reduce the number of clicks a user has to do to login again and reduce frustration.

Fix: Version History in Only Office

Some document versions were not loading correctly in the OnlyOffice minor version history. This has been fixed so that all users can access the complete history of updates to their document.

Fix: Contract value on some external emails

Contract value was appearing on emails to external users where the user had a Gateway account with another company. External recipients without accounts on Gateway were not affected.

Fix: Email notification for multiple users in a rejected approval round

When there were multiple approvers in an approval round where one approver rejected the document, the other approvers were not receiving the correct email notification. This has been amended so that all users receive the correct email, with useful information to provide context on the rejected document.

Fix: Apps on the dashboard

Fixed a rare bug that could cause apps from all of a user's accounts to display on the dashboard from multiple accounts. This only happened if the user was a member of different Plexus Gateway accounts. This will ensure users only see apps in the context of the company they are logged in to.

Release 2.67.1 - 19 May 2020

Hot Fix: Send reminders from the dashboard

There was an issue where reminders from the dashboard on approval and signing requests were not being sent to recipients.

Release 2.67 - 14 May 2020

Users can now save multiple views and apply it to their task list, saving time and allowing them to easily switch between different views depending on their workload for the day.

Fix: Display updated comment in email notification (LTM)

When receiving email notifications about comments, when the original comment had been edited, there was a bug that was displaying the original comment in the email notification instead.

Fix: Notifications for comment replies in Contract Management (CM)

Any user who comments on a document will now receive email notifications when someone else replies to their comment. Previously this was limited to authors, owners and workflow recipients. This will improve the ability to collaborate with colleagues, ensuring users don’t miss any communication directed at them.

Fix: Welcome email

Newly joined users will now receive a welcome email when they have successfully logged in for the first time, to help them realise the benefits of joining Plexus Gateway. The email will include a link to our help section to get them started.

Release 2.66 - 13 May 2020

Released a hotfix to remedy an issue where non-SSO users were not receiving activation emails after signing up.

Release 2.65 - 30 April 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

Organisation unit configuration 

Admins now have visibility of the organisation unit structure for their company’s Plexus Gateway account. Admins will also be able to create new organisations and update the structure of their unit hierarchy, giving them greater autonomy to self configure their organisation’s Plexus Gateway account. 

This will provide admins with greater control around the unit set up - which is important for managing contract visibility rules for users.  The feature can be found on the Accounts page for admins. 

Easily see tracked changes on a document

It is now possible to see tracked changes in the preview pane of the document, where previously, a “draft changes” overlay would appear. With this update, users can see what changes were made to the document without having to open it in the editor, saving time and reducing the complexity. 

Improved sign up experience

Replaced the user sign up form to provide a better user experience, including an informative message when a user attempts to login without first activating their account via the activation email. Previously the user would get stuck and need to re-open their browser.

Fix: Updating signatory details

Fixed an issue that was generating an error when a user tried to update the name of a signatory on an existing document. 

Release 2.64 - 23 April 2020

Plexus Gateway Platform improvements

Streamlined signup and login experience

SSO users will now enjoy a more streamlined authentication process when being invited to join Gateway by an existing user. Their email address will be automatically populated and SSO enabled for login when using the invitation link. 

Email notification refinements

  • Admins can control who receives email notifications for new user sign ups via the Account settings page. Previously anyone with the ability to update roles and organisation units for a user was receiving the notifications. 

  • Owners now also receive email notifications when their documents are rejected, which were previously only being received by Authors. The emails have also been updated to provide context around the document that has been rejected. For Legal Review rejections, the email will also include the reviewer’s rejection comment.

Plexus Gateway Productivity Tool improvements

A number of improvements have been made to the admin app “Approve, Sign and Store Settings”, which can be utilised to create a simpler experience when using the Approve & Sign and Store a Document apps. 

New feature – custom fields for different document types

  • Custom fields can now be created for different document types. Admins can utilise this to create an app experience in the Approve & Sign and Store a Document apps with questions specific to the document type selected by the end user, preventing any clutter from unrelated fields appearing on the page.  

Improvement to delegation rules

  • Users can now create more complex delegation rules with a combination of multiple custom and standard fields using AND / OR logic. This will provide greater flexibility to create delegation rules for the approvers and signers of a document, based on your company’s business processes and questions. 

  • The user interface for creating and viewing delegation rules has been refreshed to make it easier to create complex rules with multiple conditions, approvers and signers.

  • Drag and drop capability to make it easier to reorder rows within the Custom Fields and Delegation Rules tables, instead of manually moving positions one row at a time. 

New fields

  • “Yes/No” custom field types can now be added to the admin app Approve, Sign and Store settings to create questions with an intuitive “Yes” or “No” response.  These responses can then be used to drive delegation logic.

  • For those customers based in the UK who want to search the Companies House data, we have a “Companies House” lookup as a custom field type. Users can search by company name or company number to generate a list of registered companies in the UK.  

  • Global address lookup custom field type powered by Google Maps.

Legal Task Management (LTM) improvements

Filter tasks by multiple assignees

  • LTM users can now filter their task list by multiple assignees, making it easier to see what tasks are assigned to the people in their team. Previously it was only possible to filter against one assignee at a time. This was requested by one of our clients.  

Release 2.64 - 23 Apr


  • Admins can control who receives email notifications for new user sign ups via the default unit 

  • A new version of bulk import has been released! This version has significant performance improvements and supports the upload of a much wider range of metadata (or document Facts), and a helpful summary report generated at the end of the import if there were any errors during upload.    


  • LTM users can now filter their task list by multiple assignees, making it easier to see what tasks are assigned to the people in their team

  • A new login and sign up page which will provide a simpler and more streamlined experience for SSO users 

  • Owners as well as authors will now receive email notifications (which have been updated for clarity) when their document has been rejected 

Release 2.62 - Mar 30


  • Added a check to all apps to allow them to be marked as “Settings” related. This will move all configuration related apps (Such as the Approve, Sign and Store settings) under the “Settings” menu for users instead of the dashboard

  • Onboarding success screen added at the end of the onboarding flow to indicate to the user that they have completed the onboarding process


  • Updated user lists across various parts of Gateway to remove inactive users from showing up


  • Fixed an issue where Zoho apps were not updating correctly 

  • Fixed an issue where approvers were automatically getting sent contracts to approve but were unable to see the “Approve” button 

Release 2.61 - Mar 19


  • Users can now upload multiple documents at once when they are first onboarded into the system, so that they can get their key documents onto the platform quickly 


  • Users can now filter their document list by the app that was used to generate their documents, which will be helpful for troubleshooting and reporting 

  • Users will now receive a  notification informing them if someone has deleted the document they were working on, so that there is no confusion about what happened to the document


  • A bug where the LTM assignee list was showing inactive users 

Release 2.60 - Mar 13


  • Supporting material attached to a task can now be automatically sent into a workflow via the Approve and Sign app

  • Users can now see minor version history on their documents, allowing for a more granular view of the document’s history. This feature also highlights the changes made by each contributor to the document in a different colour. 


  • We have updated the timestamps used in activity logs in Contract Management so that they reflect the exact date and time, making it easier for users to determine when an activity was completed. 


  • A bug where contracts where displaying in their own Supporting Material section 

  • An issue where signatures that were wet-signed via DocuSign were not displaying in the executed document on Gateway

  • An issue where notifications were being removed from all user dashboards when deleted by one user

Release 2.59 - Feb 27


  • Upgraded Django to the latest version 


  • Fixed an issue where admins could not change passwords for users via Django admin

Release 2.58 - Feb 18


  • Allowing users who have been assigned to a default unit on first login to be moved into another unit

  • When a user is moved out of the default organisation unit into another organisation, all of the documents they created will also be moved into the new org


  • Users now have the ability to clear notifications from their dashboard


  • Fixed an issue where Promotion Wizard share for review links were not loading properly 

Release 2.57 - Feb 06


  • Cancelled tasks to no longer display on a user’s dashboard when filtering by “My tasks”


  • Fixed a bug where the OnlyOffice document previewer was displaying a broken logo 

Release 2.56 - Jan 15


  • Users can now download partially signed documents before a signing round is completed. Previously a part signed document could only be downloaded when the signing round was created

  • Document authors can now delete their own documents. Previously deleting a document was solely based on a user’s permissions based on their role 

  • Users can now upload .msg files as attachments in Contract Management


  • An issue where edited documents on a task (as supporting material) would not download with the correct file extension 

  • An issue where some legal task management users were not getting triage notifications

  • Files uploaded with the Marketing Review app will display in the Supporting Material section as attachments instead of linked documents. 

  • An issue where the timestamps on approvals and signatures were not updating correctly for sub documents

  • The activity log when publishing a document version was appearing twice


  • Users can now move their documents between org units - Feature still in progress

Release 2.55 - Jan 24


  • Users can now check which app was used to generate the document their looking at from the facts view


  • The master contract will now always display before the sub document when signing the document in docusign 

Release 2.54 - Jan 09


  • Update the Usage, Risk and Performance reports to use the same data set when reporting on document numbers for consistency

Release 2.53 - Jan 08


  • Allow users to cancel a filter from the document list without first having to add and apply it


  • Fixed an issue where the logo in the side menu bar did not resize correctly on smaller screens

  • Sign up page no longer uses an exact match on casing when entering the email address

  • Fixed a UX issue where some apps where displaying a redundant scroll bar when viewed from a Windows computer

  • Executed emails were previously being sent to the same user twice if they were both an author and a signer

Release 2.52 - Dec 20


  • Task subcategories can now be configured as private, only allowing users who belong to specified roles to view tasks of that category


  • Fixed a bug where document title was not updating correctly when opening with universal search

Release 2.51 - Dec 13


  • Disabled editing of email address from user profile page 

  • Document title is now editable


  • Users can now add notes to the signing reminders that they send to their stakeholders 

  • Triage lawyers can now only see tasks that were triaged in the organisation units that they belong to, instead of across the organisation

  • Button label clean up for the Legal Review dropdown in the toolbar


  • Users previously could not delegate approvals or signatures for a document that had been actioned but was sent back to legal review, until legal review was completed

  • Previously there was an update to add contract value to all emails. This has been removed from emails sent to external stakeholders in order to protect the privacy of internal contract value discussions

Release 2.49 - Dec 9


  • Updated the way we count document data across different reports in Insights so that it is displaying consistent numbers

  • Updated the email template for a legal review notification for consistency across other new email templates

  • Unit list on the User Management page will be displayed first by hierarchy and then alphabetically, to make it simpler to find the right org unit  

  • “From” address that our users receive for Gateway emails are now consistent 

  • Added start date to emails so it's easier for our users to identify when they need to action the document they’ve been sent

  • The activity log will now update when signing request reminders are sent, so it's easy to identify when a reminder has already been sent and to whom

  • Users can now edit their own comments in Contract Management for accuracy and clarity

  • Updated the search logic used in universal search so that it’s more flexible to a user’s search queries 


  • Fixed an error that was preventing users from exporting data from the Document List and Insights page

  • Users who are assigned to a document as the additional legal approver can now see the document even if they don’t normally have visibility of it

  • Fixed an issue where users were getting sent sub document URLs that could not be loaded

Release 2.47 - Nov 19


  • Users can now pause documents in an approval round. Previously this was only possible in a signing round. 

  • Edit the expiry date on a document (Key fact)


  • Recently occurring issue where external signers could not load a document when there were additional legal reviewers added

Release 2.46 - Nov 14


  • Access help from the sidebar menu

  • Users can now unlink two documents that are linked together


  • Save changes without notifying users 

  • Edit Key Facts: Owner, Contract value & Start Date

  • Update the activity log when someone has been assigned as an approver for a document in legal review

  • Owners and authors can view documents outside their assigned sub organisation units. 

  • Updated templates for email reminders sent out for legal review, approvers and signers to achieve greater consistency. 


  • Users were previously still receiving notifications that a task was due within 48 hours despite the task being closed

  • For large comments, the content will now wrap so the full comment can be read properly

  • Fixed an issue where the roles for a user were not displaying (Accounts page)

  • Fixed an issue where the start date from some custom apps wasn’t being read correctly 

Release 2.45 - Oct 31


  • Delete an attachment from a document

  • New API that returns the full list of all document types within an organisation (root down), which can now be used to display an organisation specific list of document types within the enablers 


  • Updating the UX when editing and replying to a comment in LTM

Release 2.44 - Oct 30


  • View document start date in key facts

  • View document start date in document list

  • Search for contracts by start date

  • Search for contracts against a range of contract values

  • Editing my own comment in LTM

  • Delete supporting material in LTM and updating the activity log accordingly

  • Filter the task list by organisational unit


  • Users who upload wet signed documents via Docusign will now have their signature status updated in Gateway. This bug was previously leading to documents getting stuck in a signing round. 

  • Custom notification recipients will not receive signing reminder notifications when they have already signed the document

  • The approval or rejection comment that user adds after completing a legal review on a document is now visible in the activity log

  • Fixed a bug where users were some users were getting an error when they opened a document with universal search

  • Fixed an issue where LTM could not be deployed


  • Updating the comment box in LTM so it can grow and shrink based on the amount of text 

  • Users who have the role permission to edit users can edit any user in their user list. Previously only a portion of the user list was editable. 

  • Manage roles page was previously not loading the full list of roles when masquerading as a user. 

  • As a User with "Assign a role" permission I want to see / edit roles of users without "Assign a role" permission so that I can manage users in my organisation

  • Refactor task so that the task visibility rule check in LTM can be centralised and used in multiple places

Release 2.43 - Oct 21


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing attachments being indexed properly when the file name had particular characters in it (e.g. spaces and unicode characters)


  • Clean up of obsolete endpoints in LTM

Release 2.42 - Oct 14


  • Lawyers can now update the priority status on tasks - to indicate how urgently the work needs to be completed

  • Updating the activity log when the priority status has been updated

  • Viewing the priority of tasks via the task list

  • Cancelling tasks that are no longer required, so they do not appear in the default view of the task list 

  • Further feature work for the Outlook plugin 


  • Allowing users to upload an executed agreement at any stage of a document’s workflow

  • Improving the experience for users who have reviewed changes to a document, so they know that their changes are being processed. Previously this was unclear, which was creating confusion that the changes had not gone through

Release 2.41 - Oct 4


  • Outlook:

  • Search for existing tasks via the outlook plugin

  • Upload attachments from an email into a task as supporting material

  • Add a comment to a task using the body of an email

  • Create a task with the body of the email as the task details

  • Generate activity logs when a user updates the financial value on task details

  • Ability to filter and sort against the task list in Legal Task Management


  • Improved the performance of the Role Management screen within the Settings section of Gateway

  • Minor improvement to how the document search bar looks


  • Fixed a bug where the UI moved out of alignment when a user selected the tab button on the keyboard while in the document search field

  • Documents not being indexed properly in search

Release 2.40 - Sep 23


  • Users can now log into a different organisational unit in their organisation without having to log out and log in again. 


  • Updated character limit on global search to 2 characters from 4, to allow users to search for shorter keywords such as ANZ or EY


  • All document types available to a user in their document list are available for filtering using the “Document type” filter search. Previously the filter was only displaying a subset of available doc types. 

Release 2.39 - Sep 18


  • Gateway users can now delegate signatures and approvals to another person! This can be done at any point in the workflow - without restarting it - as long as the original assignee hasn’t actioned the document yet. 

Release 2.38 - Sep 10


  • Fixed an issue that was not displaying a client’s uploaded brand logo on the menu bar 

Release 2.37 - Sep 6 


  • Created scripts in preparation to migrate Promotions users to be able to login via Gateway, so they have a more unified experience with the platform 


  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from loading the details page for a task

  • Fixed an edge case that allowed users who belonged to multiple organisations would be able to see tasks they were assigned to across organisations   

  • Fixed an issue where users for the LTM gmail addon were not seeing custom categories when creating a task 

Release 2.36 - Aug 30


  • Update the activity log when a user updates the title of a task 


  • Set up monitoring on our databases so that we have greater visibility of when issues occur, and can address them much sooner, before they have significant client impact 


  • Fixed a bug where some clients were unable to send a document for signature 

Release 2.35 - Aug 24


  • Fixed an issue in the Gateway code that caused a 6 minute production downtime on Aug 15th

Release 2.34 - Aug 17


  • As a user, I want to edit the title of a task, so that I can give it a title thats relevant and informative

  • As a user I don't want the title of a task to be updated when I change the counterparty or category/type


  • Fixed an issue where tracked changes on documents were not getting saved 

  • Upgraded Gateway dependencies libraries that had been flagged with security vulnerability

  • JWT token in logs when task insights fails


  • As a Plexus admin, I want to load the document change page in django in under 30 seconds so it doesn't time out

  • Clean up old feature switches

Release 2.33 - Aug 10


  • As an LTM User I want to only be able to save changes to a document when onlyoffice is ready to accept those changes so that I don't lose changes

  • As an LTM user i want to compare 2 versions of a document so that I can see what changes were made

  • As a lawyer I want to filter Task Insights By Category, so that I can focus on tasks I am interested in

  • Seek - Allow users to add .msg files into LTM Supporting Documents

  • As a signatory, I want instructions on how to sign a document when I get sent a signing notification email, so that I know how to sign

  • As a Plexus client, I want to add my Company Logo into Notification emails sent to counterparties, so that they know the request is coming from me


  • Approval date and time stamps wrong in LG Document Detail Screen

  • As an LTM User I want Version to display after the first time I select it so that I don't get confused about what version I'm viewing


  • As a user, I want to be able to upload documents with long file names, so that I don't have to change the file name before I upload it

Release 2.32 - July 23


  • Fixed an issue where average times on the performance report not accurate

Release 2.31 - July 16


  • As a User when I am on the dashboard I want to view tasks that I have created, been assigned to or have been triaged to me so that I can quickly navigate to that task

  • As a Lawyer when I am on the task list page I want to quickly filter out tasks to only view my tasks

  • As a Plexus user, I want to create tasks with my new custom categories

  • As an LTM User I want to edit supporting material on a task so that I can keep it up to date

  • As an LTM User I want to save changes I've made to supporting material on a task so that they persist

  • As a Plexus Admin I want to upload a set of custom categories for LTM, so that the client has categories that are relevant to their business


  • Fixed a bug where signing round times were not being recorded correctly


  • Users can now download partially signed documents

Release 2.30 - June 22


  • Editing a task Category and Sub-Category

  • Editing a task Counterparty

  • Editing a task Financial Value

  • Activity Logs to be generated when I edit counterparty on task details page


  • User can access master document, but not the sub-document

  • Owner cannot remove roles from their account


  • Remove $ symbol from contract value field on document list and document details for page

Release 2.27 - May 4


  • Implemented document preview for supporting material

  • Implemented a main menu bar for task details allowing users to assign tasks to themselves, transition a task through its workflow and add comments


  • Fixed issue where tasks with larger attachments were not loading correctly on the initial load

  • Fixed issue preventing a user for signing a document that had passed its expiry date


  • Improve the mobile experience of the task details page

  • Minor UI improvements to the task details page 

Release 2.26 - April 13


  • Updated UI to reflect comments as soon as they are created

  • Added intercom widget to error page when users have no assigned business unit


  • Fixed bug with file extension causing Docusign error

  • Fixed bug where a duplicate `Due date assigned` was showing in the task activity log


  • Updated document preview window default to a zoom level of container width

  • Updated "Legal Gateway" to "Plexus Gateway"

Release 2.25 - March 30, 2018


  • Additional features on LTM were shipped:

  • Notifications for new comments and replies 

  • Notifications for status changes to tasks

  • Notifications for due date reminders

  • Proposed UI update and polishing to LTM task list

  • Added financial value into the request legal support and and the task list


  • Fixes an issue where users were unable to delete a contract 

  • Fixed and issue where the UI For document filters was displaying incorrectly

  • Fixed an issue with the LTM supporting materials section where the page updating was resetting the minimised toggle

  • Fixed an LTM issue where activity logs were not being created when the due date was being set


  • Minor Polish/updates to Task View

  • Resolved issue where documents are auto-sent for signature upon "approved" action, even when an app does not have auto-send configured

  • Change the default flag for notifications being set for new users

Release 2.23 - February 18, 2018

  • Request Legal Support app including:

  • Drag & Drop upload of documents and supporting material 

  • Task Details

  • Due Date

  • Category and Sub category

  • Task list page including:

  • Name

  • Author

  • Assignees

  • Task details including

  • Basic attributes sent from the RLS App

  • Viewing Activity Log 

  • Viewing and updating of status

  • Viewing and updating of due date

  • Viewing and editing of task details

  • Viewing and updating assignees

  • Viewing, adding and replying to comments (including drag and drop)


  • ‘'Review and Sign' email wording improvements

  • For Legal App Developers, the ability to enable 'REVIEW' buttons in custom notifications

  • Post Legal Review Notification to Document Author

Release 2.21 - December 1, 2018


  • V3 of Negotiations gives enhanced capabilities around the contract negotiation process

  • Documents with tracked changes will be detected and marked as draft versions

  • Streamlined upload process to create draft versions of the document

  • Documents in negotiation can be sent to the legal team to review

  • Users are prevented from progressing through the workflow until all changes have been reviewed conflicts resolved

  • Users are clearly shown why they cannot progress through the workflow so that they can resolve any issues

  • Added document preview overlay when there are draft changes to review

  • Disabled Save Draft button whilst autosave is activated

  • New notification service for delivery of messages

  • New alerts UI (Toasters) to replace the existing alerts

  • Migrated Auth0 to use Search Engine v3 


  • Fixed issue in activity log to ensure correct activities are displayed after uploading an amendment

  • Fixed issue where document preview was not showing edited changes

  • Fixed issue where External Use is unable to compare document versions 

  • Fixed issue where some actions are missing for internal users due to permission issues

  • Fixed issue here Approve and Send for Signature button was displayed incorrectly

  • Fixed issue where document details page was not automatically updating

  • Fixed issue where External User cannot preview sub-documents

  • Fixed issue where users could not auto-send documents for Approval/Signature

  • Fixed issue where users could not download s document after uploading an amendment with a different file type to the original


  • Ability to pull user's email from Legal Gateway as part of session references api

  • Add Parent Org to Intercom snippet, to be passed as "Company"

  • As a user, I would like to be able to view supporting documents in OnlyOffice preview

  • Removed duplicate download button in Legal Gateway

  • Implement the OnlyOffice feature for enabling review by default

  • Allow users Users to edit documents at any point during the approval/signing workflow

  • Add a success message to clearly articulate that when a users changes to a document have been saved

  • Removed the next actions bar

Release 2.20 - October 18 2018


  • Created a new deployable notification service so that we can facilitate the delivery of draft saved notifications

  • Added logging to Docusign with all relevant debug information when a request to Docusign is not successful


  • Updated the Legal Gateway 403 error page to display correctly


  • Pass email address to our product use analysis platform, as part of User information

  • Applied patch to enable track changes in document editing

  • Applied patch to replace document editing text from loading screen

  • Fixed breaking Authentication provider Deprecation Changes - Search API

  • Upgraded back-end tools as a result of known security vulnerabilities

Release 2.19 - October 6 2018


  • Force enable document review option in document previewer


  • Fixed issue where restarting signing round would resuse the partially signed agreement

  • Fixed issue where dates are incorrectly being recorded when document is sent out for signature and signed

  • Fixed issue where sending through "auto_send":"sign" skips approval workflow

  • Fixed issue where some actions were not visible on the document if the user has access to the document only as approver or signer

  • Fixed issue where some approval rounds could not be edited 

  • Fixed issue where delete button was not working for some documents

  • Fixed issue where external approvers could not see the reject button 


  • Updated organisation details for product use analysis platform

  • Excel Spreadsheets to display in Document Preview

  • Enable review changes option in only office editor by default

  • Publish document button should show a confirmation message

  • As an external user I can preview draft document

  • Ensure that saved edits in document edit window are reflected in the document details preview window immediately

Release 2.18 - September 22 2018


  • Deployed new document preview pane into document detail page, allowing the editing of documents

  • Provisioned production infrastructure for document preview pane


  • Minor UI updates to document details


  • Changed the decline button from red to default(white).

Release 2.17 - September 1 2018


  • Implemented automation of infrastructure components allowing document collaboration to be deployed across different environments/regions

  • Added support for Single Sign On integrations with MS Azure Active Directory

  • Built out Services to store and serve document versions from document collaboration to LG


  • Ensure that Notification that a comment has been added are sent to the required recipients

  • Remove `Edit` state transition and related functionality.

  • Resolved issue where deleted users could not sign up to LG 

  • Resolved issue where an error was being displayed when Inviting an already existing user

  • Resolved issue with incorrect activities being logged when a document is deleted

  • Resolved issue where a deleted user signing up was using the old password


  • Updated the ordering of meta data to be based on how the data was created, not when it was last updated

  • Remove all components for the old document details page

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